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Microsoft Edge Features and improvements on Fall Creators update

With Windows 10 fall Creators Update Microsoft Added a Number of New Features, Security Improvements, Bug Fixes, Redesigned the Existing Features, and more. Genuine, compatible Devices Automatically Get upgraded To the latest windows 10 Version 1709. If you are Still have not Upgraded Check How To Get Windows 10 Fall Creators update Right Now. Or you can download Windows 10 ISO File For manual Upgrade or perform a Clean installation. We already covered the topic New Features on Windows Fall Creators update and Hidden Features on Windows 10 Fall Creators update. This Post We Discuss Microsoft Edge Features and improvements on the Fall Creators Update, Which makes you love to use Edge Browser.


Microsoft Edge Features and improvements

With Fall Creators update version 1709 Edge’s underwhelming Favorites handling has been improved. You can Pin Web pages to Taskbar, Edit URLs For Favorites, import bookmarks into Edge, Full-Screen mode, Improved PDF and EPUB e-book capabilities, Better integration with your phone, and more. If you didn’t use Edge before the Fall Creators Update, you’re unlikely to use it after.

Pin Webpages To Taskbar

Microsoft has added a feature to Edge Browser that Microsoft’s earlier browser Internet Explorer had in Windows 8 the ability to pin web pages to the taskbar. Means With windows 10 Fall Creators update Version 1709 You can put your favorite websites on your taskbar for fast access. You can Do this by clicking the triple-dot button along the Edge window’s right edge and choose Pin this page to the taskbar.

Browse in full screen

Another popular, And most Recommended Features From Windows Users, Full-Screen Browsing Experience On Edge Browser Which Already have on popular browsers like chrome and Firefox. With the Latest Fall Creators update, you can Enjoy the Full-Screen Browsing experience by press The F11 key from the keyboard. or you can browse in full-screen mode, select the More … menu and click the “Fullscreen” arrows icon (right of the zoom controls ),.

The Full-screen mode hides things like the address bar and other items from view so you can focus on your content. you can exit full-screen mode, by press the “F11” key again or move your mouse near the top of the screen or swipe down with your finger and select the “restore” icon in the top-right, or.

Improved Favorites Handling

With the Fall creators update Edge’s underwhelming Favorites handling has been improved. Click the star button in Edge (or hit Control-D) and you’ll see Edge’s bookmark menu got a design refresh and better illustrates the folder hierarchy for your favorites, making it quicker and easier to find a folder to plop a new favorite.

While Saving a new favorite, you’ll also notice a new animation making it clear that your link got saved in your Favorites list.

Now Edge Browsers have the ability to edit the address for individual favorites in the Favorites Hub or on the Favorites bar.  So You can now more easily work with Favorites in a directory tree and edit their URLs. To do this, simply right-click or press and hold a favorite and select “Edit URL.”

An option Added on Advanced option to show search history, and another one to show sites you frequently visit on “Top sites.” Also, the few people who may be enticed to switch to Edge from their existing browser can easily import their bookmarks into Edge.

Edge Fluent Design integration

With the Fall Creators update Microsoft Edge receives some visual changes around the frame using Fluent Design System. the Edge browser uses Acrylic material across the tab bar and other controls adding transparency and a sense of depth. And improved button animations to feel more responsive and delightful the Edge Browser.

Improved PDF and EPUB eBook reader

With Windows 10 Version 1709 The Edge Browsers PDF-reading and EPUB e-books capabilities have been improved. Starting with the Fall Creators Update, Windows Ink is also expanding to PDF files with features like a ballpoint pen and touch writing, highlighter, and eraser. You can now annotate both PDFs and e-books, and use ink-based notes when you do so.

With PDFs, you can now click the Add Notes button to the right of the URL bar to ink on the PDF, from signing your name and highlighting lines to adding comments and copying text. It’s particularly useful for signing documents.

Along with previously available PDF reader features, it’s now possible to edit, print, and save PDF forms on the web, or files locally stored on your device.

Also Microsoft Edge Display Table Contents of long Documents for Easier Navigation. If the Document file includes these Features you see a Table of content Button at the Top-left side of the PDF Toolbar, From here you can quickly jump To a particular part of the file by click on it.

New ‘about:flags’ settings

Like other modern web browsers like google chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge includes an “about:flags” page with settings and experimental features meant for developers and advanced users, and this time around Edge is eliminating most of the options, instead of adding more.

With Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, Version 1709 when you access “about:flags,” you notice that the page is divided into two sections: “Developer settings” and “Standards Preview.”

In the Developer settings section, the available options remain the same as before with the exception that you’ll now find the “Hide my local IP address over WebRTC connections” option.

And Under Standards Preview, you can control only a few experimental features, including touch events, VP9 video format, JavaScript features, service workers, standard fullscreen API, individual transforms, and CSS Masking.

New CSS features ( For Developers )

For the Developer perspective view with the latest build, Microsoft Edge supports the unprefixed implementation of CSS Grid LayoutGrid Layout defines a two-dimensional grid-based layout system that enables more layout fluidity than possible with positioning using floats or scripts.

These Are The Some Massive Changes and improvements on Microsoft Edge Browser with Windows 10 1809 update. I hope you find this helpful, if you are not a great fan of Edge Browser, you can start using it After knowing about these Features.

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