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File Sharing

Video Conference

Remote Desktop Access

It's all in the box.

Check it out.

Office Scanning

Scan to text searchable PDF; batch scan; create and name files & folders automatically. All with QuikBox Scan Pack.


Hot Folder OCR

Drag & drop your PDF to convert to  Word/Excel format automatically.

Search & Convert

Convert 25,000 pages a day to Text Searchable format without lifting a finger.

Document Search

Find scanned & electronic documents super fast with granular results. 

Email Search & Archive

 Find your emails & attachments by their content in Outlook or your web browser!

Web File Share

Acess & share files with anyone, anywhere.

Instant Messaging

Share messages, documents, and attachments in or out of the office.

Video Conference

Meet in-person without being in-person.

Remote Desktop Access

Have full access to your computer from anywhere.