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File Sharing

Video Conference

Remote Desktop Access

It's all in the box.

Check it out.

Office Scanning

Scan to text searchable PDF; batch scan; create and name files & folders automatically. All with QuikBox Scan Pack.


Hot Folder OCR

Drag & drop your PDF to convert to  Word/Excel format automatically.

Search & Convert

Convert 25,000 pages a day to Text Searchable format without lifting a finger.

Document Search

Find scanned & electronic documents super fast with granular results. 

Email Search & Archive

 Find your emails & attachments by their content in Outlook or your web browser!

Web File Share

Acess & share files with anyone, anywhere.

Instant Messaging

Share messages, documents, and attachments in or out of the office.

Video Conference

Meet in-person without being in-person.

Remote Desktop Access

Have full access to your computer from anywhere.

Remote Network Access

Securely connect to your office network anytime, anywhere!


Access all of your contacts, quotes, projects, etc. in one place.

Knowledge Base

Store your information & processes in one secure location.  

Asset Management

Keep track of who has what in your company.

Collaborative Editing

Brainstorm with secure, real-time, collaborative editing.

Ticket & Task Tracker

Don't let the important things fall between the cracks.

Website in a Box

Quickly add a website or intranet site for your business.

Online Web


 Maximize sales and customer service opportunities.  Keep connected to those visiting your website. 

Online Web


 Stay connected to your web visitors. 

Mobile Printing

Print from mobile devices to office printers & MFPs.

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