Scan, or be productive?

It doesn't have to be a choice. 

See how

QuikBox Scan Pack can help you!

The QuikBox runs all of the OCR processes on board, without slowing down any of your equipment.


Do things like:

  • Image Deskew

  • Blank Page Removal

  • Multi-Destination Scan

  • Receive folder notifications

All automatically!​


Everything stays local on the QuikBox, not in the cloud.


Text Searchable 


Scan documents

to text searchable






Batch Scan


Scan multiple


documents at


once with


automatic PDF





Scan to Word



convert scanned

PDF's to Word




Hot Folder OCR


Convert network

 PDF's into


 MS Office





Zone OCR


Title and route




based on field


specific data






Get all the


information you


need with a




Optical Mark



Check for


check boxes?






Cross reference


scanned data with


what's already in


the system


Search and


Convert PDFs


Convert all


network PDF's


to text


searchable format







From multi-




machines, to


desktop scanners,


we got you




Why QuikBox Scan Pack?

Scan Pack Solutions

Search by content.

Text Searchable PDF lets you find files by their content, not just their title, as it converts scans to text searchable format without slowing down your MFP to the tune of 30,000 pages a day!


All together now!

Use separator pages to scan all of your documents at the same time! Route and name documents automatically with optional bar code recognition!


Drop it in a Hot Folder.

Drag and drop your PDF file into a monitored "hot folder" that converts it to Word, Excel, or Power Point format.

Scan to Word & Excel.

Save time by scanning hard copy documents into formatted, easy to edit MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint formats.


In the Zone OCR.

Automatically name & route documents based on Account #, PO #, sales order # and more to the correct network location! Use processing with database look ups for even more accuracy.


Scan a bar code.

Name & route as many documents you want at once from a bar code printed anywhere on the page. Bar code processing can be combined with database look ups to retrieve even more information.


Piece of cake.

Point the QuikBox to the files you want text searchable and it automatically converts up to 30,000 pages a day of your legacy image PDF & Tiff files to text-searchable PDFs. That was easy.


Look it up.

QuikBox Scan Pack can populate multiple search fields with existing data in your database. Key information can be read from bar codes or OCR and automatically matched to database records that can be used to route and name the scanned document automatically.


Supported Databases

  • Microsoft Access

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Oracle

  • MySQL

  • ODBC- compliant databases


  • Automatically pulls in key information from databases without it being contained on the document

  • Additional key information is used for routing and naming scanned documents


Mark it up.

Optical Mark Recognition, (OMR) recognizes the presence or absence of a mark in a particular location, like a checkbox, without worrying about the specific shape inside. Optical Mark Recognition lets you define check box regions on scanned images. 


  • Reads check boxes to find "True/False" or "Yes/No" values

  • High accuracy


  • Business reply mail

  • Simple surveys

  • Verify presence of signatures