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Real Time.

That's QuikBox IM.

Check it Out. 

Help your businesses communicate better!

Bring employees and teams together no matter where they are working with QuikBox IM.


QuikBox IM lets you communicate in real time, swapping ideas, approvals, and files to get things done fast. Express yourself with emojis, gifs, photos, files, etc. at work or on the go, letting you get stuff done!

QuikBox IM

QuikBox IM Tour

Chat Edit.png

See who you're talking to and if they're available

Encrypt, search, or add files to your messages

Work with different companies? Add different servers to stay in touch with everyone!

Talk to people one on one or to everyone on private channels.

Express yourself with emojis, gifs, formatted text and more!

IM Chat Quick Tour

Communicate better.

Connect with team members from different locations in real time. No more filling up your inbox with confusing email chains. Ever!

QuikBox IM Features

QuikBox IM Member Availability

See who's available.

The Presence Indicator lets you know who's there and who isn't.

Get a second opinion.

Get group input on your projects in private, separate channels that exist for as long as you need them to.

QuikBox IM Group Meetings
QuikBox IM - Video Conference Integration

Meet face to face.

Create a link and share your meeting  with anyone! It's already built in. Cool huh?

Notify your team!

Broadcast important project information instantly to your team and messages automatically appear on their desktop.

QuikBox IM Broadcast
QuikBox IM Encryption

Advanced Security & Encryption.

Encrypt conversations for complete privacy and security. With everything on your company's own QuikBox, there's no public cloud to deal with. Everything stays private.

Screen Capture & OCR

Capture anything on your screen. Then share with coworkers what you see. Or capture text from a PDF or Tiff document, even if it doesn't allow copying

QuikBox IM - Screen Capture & OCR
QuikBox IM - for Mobile Devices

Stay connected anywhere.

Chat using your mobile devices using any compatible client. Supports Android & iOS.

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