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Reach more customers.

Manage more information.

Accomplish more projects.

That's QuikBox CRM.


Helping businesses grow

QuikBox CRM is a feature rich, flexible, and user-friendly solution to your customer relationship management needs to improve business processes.

QuikBox CRM

QuikBox CRM Window Tour 

CRM Quick Tour
Key Features & Benefits

Customer Management

Stay updated with existing clients’ information and track your leads, from the initial inquiry stage through to purchase.

Key Features

Market Automation

Sophisticated email campaign tools let you design, deploy, and track your digital campaigns and resulting new leads.

Manage Company Finances

Manage your company’s financial well being and keep track of all incoming and outgoing invoices.

Customer Support

Centralize the service history of your customers and monitor how projects are handled. Track bugs to identify, prioritize and resolve customer issues.


Manage project activity for emails, tasks, calls and meetings.

Admin Tools

Create custom modules, edit user settings, and customize your CRM to the exact needs of your organization

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