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Solved: Windows 10 Sandbox, no hypervisor was found (0xc0351000)

With Windows 10 version 1903 aka May 2019 Update Microsoft introduced the Windows Sandbox feature for Professional and Enterprise users, that designed to run untrusted applications inside a lightweight isolated environment running independently from your main installation. That means every time you launch the feature, it runs a new clean installation of Windows 10. Any software installed in Windows Sandbox stays only in the sandbox and cannot affect your host and Once Windows Sandbox is closed, all the software with all its files and state are permanently deleted. By default, the windows sandbox feature not enabled and you need to manually enable Windows sandbox from windows features.

Overall it’s a great addition to test unknown applications, check out websites that seem suspicious, unfamiliar browser extensions and add-ons, and other items you might not want to run in your regular Windows environment. But few users report while trying to launch the Sandbox feature they meet error no hypervisor was found. please enable hypervisor support. (0xc0351000). 


No hypervisor was found Windows 10

As the error message shows virtualization technology required for launching and using the Sandbox feature is either not supported by the system or is disabled in the BiOS. If you are also struggling with similar problem “No hypervisor was found. Please enable hypervisor support” while opening Windows Sandbox apply solutions below.

Check CPU virtualization enabled

  1. Open the task manager,

  2. move to  performance tab then select CPU on left,

  3. Now check the virtualization shows enabled (refer image below)

Check CPU virtualization

If Virtualization is disabled, you need to head over to the BIOS or UEFI of your system to activate the feature.

Before this open command prompt, type systeminfo and hit enter key this will display your system supports virtual technology or not.

Restart your system and boot into the BIOS mode using del key (Note:  Refer to the documentation for your computer’s motherboard model for the exact instructions to access BIOS)

  1. Most of the manufacturers support del, F10 or F2 key to access BIOS setup,

  2. Once you enter BIOS head over to system configuration using the arrow key on the keyboard,

  3. Here select the virtualization Technology and enable the option

Enable Virtualization technology BIOS
  1. Save these settings by hitting F10 on the keyboard.

  2. Exit the BIOS mode and boot into the Windows 10 OS and Check if the issue is resolved.

Enable Hyper-V ‘Turn Windows features on or off’

If processor virtualization is enabled, then it would be strange to encounter the “No hypervisor found” error message. In such cases, you need to make sure the Hyper-V enabled on Turn Windows features on or off. If it already enabled we recommend disabling the feature and re-enable the same again.

On the start menu search type Windows Features and select Turn windows feature on or off from search results, Now scroll down and look following features are enabled.

  1. Windows Sandbox

  2. Virtual machine platform

  3. Windows hypervisor platform

Enable Sandbox Feature

If not checkmark on them and click ok to enable these features. Restart your PC and check if this helps to fix no hypervisor was found. please enable hypervisor support. (0xc0351000) on Windows 10.

Add a BCD entry

Here another solution users suggest on Microsoft forum, adding an entry to the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) helps to fix the issue.

  1. Open the command prompt as administrator,

  2. Type command BCDEDIT /Set {current} hypervisorlaunchtype auto and hit the enter key.

  3. you will get a message The operation completed successfully

  4. Close the command prompt and restart your PC,

  5. Again open the command prompt and run command bcdedit and press Enter.

  6. Here look the hypervisorlaunchtype status showing Auto, That means the hypervisor is successfully configured to run at startup and You are now ready to go Launch Windows Sandbox

hypervisorlaunchtype status

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