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Solved: Microsoft Edge Closes Immediately after opening on Windows 10

Microsoft Edge is the default web browser for the latest Windows 10 and is designed to replace Internet Explorer in the future. And it terms of feature and speed its perfect alternative of Google chrome. But a few numbers of users report, Microsoft edge not working, Browser not responding Crashes after windows update. And sometimes Edge Closes Immediately after opening. If you are one of them, and you’re trouble with the Microsoft Edge crashing problem, don’t worry, here we have listed solutions to fix the problem.


Microsoft Edge crashes on startup

In this tutorial, you’ll find instructions, reset Microsoft Edge to default settings, and reinstall Microsoft Edge on your Windows 10 PC in order to fix Microsoft Edge’s working issues. And in such cause, you might lose your favorites, history, and settings, so before move forward we recommend create a system restore point.

Clear Browing Data

Most of the time, all Browsers start to misbehave when the browsing data get corrupt. So that same thing with Microsoft Edge not opening or closes there may be a chance browser history, cache, may be corrupted. Simply Run The free System optimizer like Ccleaner to clean up them with one click or you can manually clear them from Edge browser settings. Now After that Close Microsoft Edge, restart your PC, and then relaunch Microsoft Edge to see if the trick worked.

Uninstall Edge Extensions

Also if you have installed a number of Edge Browser extensions, Sometimes this also causes the problem on the Edge browser. We recommend To Disable all installed browser plugins and check the edge working fine.

Open Edge Browser, Click on the three dots icon (…) located just below the close button and then click Extensions. This will display All installed Edge Extension. 

Click on the name of an extension to see its settings, Click the Turn off the option to turn off the extension. Do The same with other extensions, Then Restart Edge Browser to Check loading smoothly. If not try to uninstall the extension To completely Remove the Extension.

Edge extensions

Run the troubleshooter

If Microsoft edge crashes on startup or won’t open in such a situation we recommend run the build-in Windows Store Apps troubleshooter to fix the problem.

  1. Press the Windows logo key + I together to open the Windows Settings.

  2. Click Update & Security then Click Troubleshoot on the left pane,

  3. Scroll down and click Windows Store Apps and then click Run the troubleshooter.

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process.

  5. Run Microsoft Edge to check the problem is resolved or not.

Windows store apps troubleshooter

Reset Edge Browser

Still can’t open the Microsoft Edge browser, it’s probably the application files are corrupted. In such a case, you could repair or reset the edge browser to fix the problem.

  1. Right-click on Windows 10 start menu and select settings,

  2. Navigate to Apps then Apps & features,

  3. Click on Microsoft Edge you will see the Advanced options link, Click On it.

  4. A new pop window will open with the option to reset the Edge browser, click on it.

  5. This will Reset Edge browser settings to Default and give a fresh start with Restart the windows.

reset edge

Re-register Microsoft Edge Browser

If all the above methods failed to fix them simply Re-register the Microsoft Edge by performing the steps below. For better results, We recommend to Restart and Start windows 10 into Safe mode with Networking.

  1. If Edge Browser opens first close it,

  2. Now Open File Explorer click on View, then tick mark on Hidden Items box to see all Hidden files and folders.

  3. Now Navigate to the following path: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe

(Make sure to replace %username% with the username that you use on your computer )

  1. Now Right-click on Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe folder select properties.

  2. Here remove the checkmark Read-only and Click Apply to make save changes.

  3. Again Right-click on Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe folder and now this time Select Delete.

  4. If the confirmation prompt opens click on yes. After Complete the deletion process Close the explorer.

delete edge cache data

Close everything and restart your PC and follow the steps below to reinstall the edge browser.

Open PowerShell as administrator

Copy/paste the following command to the PowerShell window and hit enter key.

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers -Name Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml” -Verbose} 

Once the process has been successfully completed, you would see a message similar to as shown above image. That’s all. Restart windows Into normal Startup and open Microsoft Edge. Now It will Run without any issue.

Try Different User Account

If the problem still persists, then I suggest you create a new user account by following the steps mentioned below and see if the problem persists:

Open the command prompt as administrator,

Type net user username password /add 

Note: Replace username = your username, Password = password for the user account.

Now Logoff From Current Account and log in with New created User account And open the Edge Browser check working normally without any error.

Add new user account using cmd

Run a System File Checker

Again the corrupted system file may cause the Microsoft Edge crash. To solve it, you can use System File Checker (SFC) to repair the broken system files.

  1. Open the command prompt as administrator,

  2. Type “sfc /scannow” in the window and press Enter.

  3. Then wait for the verification is 100% complete.

  4. Reboot your computer to check the changes.

system file checker utility Windows 10

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