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Scan to Remote Destinations

You can scan to the following remote destinations:

  • Cloud Services: Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive

  • FTP and SFTP

  • SMB


Scan to Cloud Services

The Scan To Cloud service is a licensed feature. Access to the service requires a feature installation key. To enable this option, on the Feature Installation page, provide a Scan to Cloud Licensing feature installation key. To purchase a Scan to Cloud Licensing feature installation key for your device, contact your Xerox representative.

Before you scan to a cloud destination, ensure that you configure the printer with the cloud service information. To scan a document and send it to a cloud service, do the following:

  1. Load the original document on the document glass or into the duplex automatic document feeder.

  2. At the control panel, press the Home button.

  3. Touch Scan To.

  4. Touch Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft Onedrive.

  5. If prompted, type a valid user name and password in the login window of the cloud provider, then touch Enter.

  6. Select a folder location for your scanned document, then touch OK.

  7. To save the scanned document as a specific file name, touch the file name. Enter a new name using the touch screen keypad, then touch Enter.

  8. To save the scanned document as a specific file format, touch the file format, then select the required format. Adjust scanning options as needed.

  9. To begin the scan, touch Scan. The printer scans documents to the folder that you specified.

Scan to FTP or SFTP Server

Scan to a Shared Folder on a Networked Computer


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