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NordVPN Review- The Best VPN for Netflix (72 % Black Friday 2022 discount)

Today, in this post, we are going to review the NordVPN service. It is a Panama registered service that is satisfying more than 12 million users with a wide range of services and encryption tools. The company sells itself very high on the grounds of security and performance. But, we can’t judge a book by its cover only, we have to test the features of NordVPN on our level before giving the verdict. So, by doing the deep study, we are presenting the detailed NordVPN review ahead of you.


NordVPN – fast & secure VPN

NordVPN - fast & secure vpn

NordVPN Price & Plans

NordVPN has a very clean and straightforward pricing policy with the value of three plans. You can get the NordVPN service for $11.95 per month. You can get 41% off discount if you pay for the entire year in advance, the price can drop further by $3.49 if you pay for three years. This is a very affordable VPN plan without any sneaky marketing tactics. All the plans of NordVPN are very neat. Earlier, the company even used to offer a seven-day free trial, but they have stopped this service because of over abuse by users. However, the 30 days money-back guarantee is still active.

NordVPN Privacy features

Talking about NordVPN privacy functions, we can say it performs well on the encryption security level with strong IKev2/IPsec support. This gets you AES-256-GCM for encryption and supports regular secret key changes. A hacker might be able to penetrate the one security shielding, but they will always get stuck in the second layer. It is an open VPN that has been updated to AES-256-GCM from the previous AES-256-CBC.

NordVPN has numerous privacy features in the sleeves like Onion over VPN which routes your traffic first through NordVPN’s own network, then directs it over the Onion network and on to its final destination.

NordVPN no Logging policy

NordVPN boldly claims that they have no logs policy. Well, this statement is given by all the VPN service providers, but NordVPN takes it pretty seriously. They clearly state that they won’t keep a record of your online activities. That means they won’t track your time on any online session and they won’t keep a log of IP address or the server used or website visited by you. So, your online data will remain completely secure with NordVPN as they won’t record anything for you.

NordVPN Performance

Performance is the second most important VPS service feature that can’t be ignored while reviewing NordVPN. The performance of the VPN server is mainly analyzed on the basis of connecting speed and latency factors. When NordVPN is connected with different servers throughout the world, then it has been recorded some connection failures, but once the server is connected then the speed is quite nice. The download speed of NordVPN is very nice, but when the long-distance is covered, then some problems can be observed. So, NordVPN can offer you decent performance features.

How to Setup NordVPN

If you are using NordVPN for the first time, then you won’t have to do much, you can tap over the NordVPN app link and the website will automatically offer you the client download link. After getting the client setup, you can easily click on the link according to your devices such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux and Android TV. However, if you are stuck somewhere, then you can use multiple tutorials available online to help you set up your norm server.

Pros And Cons of Using NordVPN

Nordvpn Pros: 

  1. Double the protection with a double VPN

  2. More than 4,000 servers in 62 countries

  3. Connect 6 devices on many platform types

  4. Kill switch prevents privacy compromise

  5. Top notch privacy and security

  6. Excellent performance

  7. Unblock Netflix

  8. Money-back guarantee

  9. No logging claim is very correct

Nordvpn Cons: 

  1. Torrenting only supported on some servers

  2. The map-based interface is messy

  3. Slow app and server connections

  4. OpenVPN configuration isn’t user-friendly

Should I pay for NordVPN?

Our NordVPN review has clearly shown that this server has plenty of great features such as high speed, Geo blocked websites to access, bitcoin support and many more. If we let go of minor problems of NordVPN, then we can surely say it is a great VPN service provider that you can use to watch some high powered content online without any delay.

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