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New Features Introduced on Windows 10 version 1909 aka November 2019 Update

Today Microsoft has officially rollout feature update for windows 10 version 1909 aka November 2019 Update for everyone. But this time Microsoft decided Windows 10 version 1909 as optional update and focuses on performance improvements, enterprise features, and quality enhancements.  Include More control over notifications, Creating calendar events from the taskbar, an updated file explorer search that brings in local and cloud-based files and more.


How to download Windows 10 1909 update?

This time Windows 10 1909 update appears as an optional update. That means It won’t be installed automatically instead, you’ll need to click Download And Install Now to kick off the update. And installing this change the build number for the OS from Build 18362 to Build 18363

Note: If you are already running the Windows 10 May 2019 Update, version 1903, you will not require reinstallation. Instead, the device will receive the new version as a cumulative update through Windows Update. This is because Windows 10 1909 update shares the same core operating system as the 1903 update. Well if you are still on the older version of Windows 10 1809 or older you need a Windows update assistant or Media creation tool to install Windows 10 version 1909.

For more information on installing the update, Microsoft has created this video.

What’s new Windows 10 version 1909?

While the Windows 10 1909 Feature Update focuses on performance enhancements and bug fixes that Windows users are going to love. Well, to satisfy some of your curiosity, we have created the list of the features that you will see in the new 1909 update.

Alexa, Cortana and Lock screen Features

From the past few years, Microsoft has been closely working with Amazon to improve Alexa experience on Windows 10 and this will be reflected in this new update. Alexa app on Windows 10 will allow you to use your computer hand freely with the help of voice capabilities as the app will be always running in the background to help you out.

In Windows 10 1909 update, Microsoft will allow you to use third-party voice assistants like to voice activate your lock screen also. Now, you will be able to manage your lock screen with Alexa voice assistance easily.

Easy Calendar Events

In the new update, you will also get a feature where you will be able to create calendar events directly from the taskbar. For this, you have to follow some easy steps –

  1. You have to tab over the Time & Date taskbar icon.

  2. Then, open calendar view and you just simply need to click over a date to create an event.

  3. You have to name your even and can add location and time as well.

calendar event creation

Automatic Start Menu Expansion

Windows 10 new update is working on making Start Menu more efficient also. There are going to major changes in the Start Menu such as navigate pane on the Start Menu will be added that will allow users to automatically expand the menu by dragging their cursor over it or close to the options like Settings cog icon.

Action Center and Notifications Settings

The Notifications Settings will be also updated by Microsoft as the notifications will be now represented in banner mode and the Action Center. There is one another major change in the notifications page that will be seen that you will be able to see notifications in alphabetical order. This will allow you to automatically find the most recent notifications so that you can put off notifications for any particular app.

A new Manager Notifications button has been also added to the top Action Center so that the user will be able to access Action Center and Notifications Settings way more quickly. Whereas, earlier users have to open the Settings app and navigate to the Notifications and Action page.

File Explorer

File Explorer has been also updated with Windows Search Integration and the traditional indexed result will now also be included on your OneDrive content.

Battery Improvement

Under the new update, the battery life of Windows 10 has been also improved a lot. Microsoft has also implemented numerous features that will allow you to improve PCs with certain processors so you will be seeing a lot better batter performance in the new update.

Enhanced Performance

If the processor that you have in your PC supports favored cores, then you will see a dynamic change in the performance of your computer after the implementation of a new update.

Latency Improvement

For OEMs, a new change has been implemented that would significantly reduce inking latency across native apps. However, the latency of the device will be determined by the hard by default which means that latency won’t be directly related to the new operating system, but if you have access to all the latest hardware tools, then latency won’t be an issue for you.

Key Rotation Security Improvements

In Windows 10 1909 update, you will also find a new feature called ‘Key-rolling’ and ‘Key-rotation’ to enable secure delivery of Recovery passwords on MDM managed AAD devices and the process is based on the request from Microsoft Intune, MDM, and similar tools. This can improve the security of your Windows PCs by preventing accidental leakage of the password.

New Debugging Capabilities

If you use OEMS, then-new Windows 10 update with the additional debugging capabilities will be very efficient for you.

So, overall we can easily see that the upcoming Windows 10 1909 update, is going to be very interesting with lots of interesting features. We can bet, you are also eager to update your Windows 10 with the new update.


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