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Microsoft Edge won’t play YouTube videos on windows 10 ? Here how to fix

Did you notice the Microsoft Edge browser refuses to play YouTube Videos on Windows 10 PC?  With Google, Chrome YouTube is working with no problem but not Microsoft Edge. A number of users reported this issue about YouTube videos not loading on Microsoft edge, while others have reported seeing a black screen, no sound or no video while trying to play YouTube videos on Microsoft Edge browser.

If Edge won’t play Youtube videos, no sound upon playing, YouTube videos not loading or not working on Microsoft Edge browser, or you simply see a blank or black screen on where the video player supposed to be on the YouTube page but instead the videos not showing up at all That cause you need to check Flash settings, Disable GPU, Clear the cache, ResetEdge flags to default, that may helpful to fix this issue. Let’s see how to do


Microsoft Edge Not Playing YouTube Videos

  1. On the start, menu search type Internet options and press enter key.

  2. On the Advanced tab, browse to the Accelerated graphics section.

  3. Select: Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering.

  4. Click Apply & OK.

  5. Restart your computer and test it.

Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering

In certain cases, you may see an error message reading “An error has occurred”, while trying to play YouTube Videos in the Microsoft Edge browser. And check the box with ” Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering ll doesn’t help. try the solution below.

Clear Edge Cache

  1. Top right corner, press the (…) for the menu.

  2. Choose Settings

  3. Scroll down to “Clear browsing data” section and click on Choose what to clear.

  4. Mark “Cookies and saved website data”

  5. Mark “Catched data and files”

  6. Press “Clear” button.

  7. Once the Cache is cleared, Restart the Microsoft Edge browser and see if you can play YouTube videos.

Reset Edge Flags to Default

Most problems with YouTube on the Microsoft Edge browser are related to “about: flags” settings in the Microsoft Edge browser. To fix this issue, open Edge browser and type about: flags in the Address bar of Edge browser and press the Enter key on the keyboard of your computer. Next, click on Reset all flags to default option and this will set Flags to their default settings.

Disable Flash in Edge Browser

Open Microsoft Edge browser, click on the 3-dots menu icon and click on Settings in the drop-down menu. On the settings screen, scroll down and click on View Advanced Settings. On the Advanced settings screen, scroll down and turn OFF the option to Use Adobe Flash Player.  Restart Edge browser and see if the problem of Microsoft Edge not playing YouTube Videos is fixed on your computer.

Note: If Use adobe flash player option is already disabled then try to enable the same and check this may fix the problem as YouTube relies on Flash to play their videos. If it’s disabled, you would see a blank space on where the video player supposed to be on

Disable SmartScreen feature for Microsoft Edge

The SmartScreen Filter in Windows Defender is designed to protect users from malicious websites by scanning URLs before they are opened. This is a useful feature, but it can sometimes interfere with Edge and cause YouTube error to appear. To avoid this problem you just need to disable SmartScreen by following these steps:

Open Microsoft Edge, click on the 3-dots menu icon > Settings > View Advanced Settings. On the Advanced settings screen, scroll down and turn OFF the option for “Help protect me from malicious sites and downloads with Windows Defender SmartScreen”.

Install Media Feature Pack

If none of the above solutions are working, the problem of Microsoft Edge not playing YouTube Videos might be related to Media Feature Pack not being installed on your computer.

This issue is reported by users in Europe using 10 N and KN versions of the Windows operating system. These versions of Windows do not have Media features available by default. Microsoft offers Media Feature Pack for N and KN versions of Windows 10 on its website and you can download the right Media Feature Pack for your version of Windows from this Microsoft’s Support Site.

Set Correct Default Audio Device

If you are unable to hear Audio sound while playing YouTube Videos on Microsoft Edge, the problem might be the incorrect Audio device being set as the main Audio Processor that might encounter the issues.

To isolate the issue type sound on start menu search and press enter key. Under playback devices Select your speakers or headphones on the list, right-click them and choose Set as Default Device from the menu. Now click Apply and OK to save changes.

Disable Edge browser extensions

If you are using several edge browser extensions, temporarily disable them. To diagnose if Any of your extensions may affect browser playing videos. To do it –

  1. Open Settings Menu and go to Extensions.

  2. Now, Click on and Extension and you will have all related settings of that.

  3. Switch off the extensions by toggling the appropriate on-off button.

Reset Microsoft Edge

Resetting the Microsoft edge browser settings to default setup is another effective solution that fixes most of the edge browser-related problems include youtube videos not playing.

  1. Open the Settings app

  2. Navigate to Apps > Apps & features,

  3. Click on Microsoft Edge you will see Advanced options link, Click On it.

  4. A new window will open, Here click Reset Edge Browser option which reset the Edge browser to its default settings and fix the problem if any incorrect setup causing the issue.

If all the above options failed to fix the issue, then Reinstall Edge to see if you can get it working. Open Start, type: PowerShell Right-click PowerShell Click Run as administrator At the prompt, type the following then hit Enter. Exit restart, then try viewing a video on YouTube again:

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers -Name Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml” -Verbose}

Restart windows after executing the command and open edge browser check this helps. Let us know which option worked for you.

Also you can Download YouTube videos to PC or iPhone, iPad & iPod with this user-friendly YouTube Video Downloader and enjoy them offline.


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