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Introduction of Password Manager App and its benefits 2022

If you want to safely use the powerful internet, then you need to make a habit of using strong and unique passwords. A strong password can protect your different online accounts from hacking and safeguard your personal information. However, today when you have to create multiple accounts from your Netflix to your email ID, then it became complicated to remember all the different passwords.

Did you know using a password manager app not only generates a strong password for you but also helps you out in remembering all your passwords in the encrypted format so that your passwords remain safe? However, if you are still wondering why to use password managers to store your passwords related information, let us offer you a clear picture of the topic.


What is a Password Manager?

You can better understand password manager apps by assuming them as a book that contains all your passwords and it is locked with the master password that is only opened by you. Some of you might be wondering what if you lose the master password, how will you access all of your passwords?

This is a reasonable question, but imagine you have to remember one master password that is easy to remember compared to remembering all the different passwords you have set for your different online accounts. Moreover, a password manager’s responsibility is to store all your passwords and help you create a unique and strong password for different websites. Whenever you have to create a new password for a website, you can pop open your password manager app. It will automatically generate the perfect password for the website that will protect your information.

Most of the password manager today can be easily synced across your different devices, which means you can carry all your passwords with you all the time on your mobile devices. The information is stored in an encrypted manner by the password manager apps which is very hard to crack by anyone. So, you are fully secured and tension free after downloading the Password Manager apps.

Why Use Password Managers?

Okay, so if you haven’t used password manager apps yet and don’t know how they can benefit you, you miss out a lot of ease in your life if you haven’t used password manager apps already.

No Need to Reuse Password

When hackers break into a website, they steal all the website information along with the email addresses registered with the website and try to send phishing emails to all the addresses. This attack becomes more aggressive as most of the users have the same password for their email accounts. With the password manager app, you can set the unique password for all your accounts so that you won’t have to replace all of your email account passwords when one of your accounts has been hacked.

Protection Against Phishing Attacks

It is tough for you to identify the imposter websites that can send phishing emails to you. These websites look like a genuine website, but when you enter the password and email address to these websites, they will start sending you phishing links that can hack your email. Here, the password manager’s role is that they won’t let you create passwords for such imposter websites as they can easily identify them. So, by using the password manager apps, you can make sure that you never get trapped by the imposter websites as there are multiple such kinds of websites available on the internet.

Helps in Setting the Strong Password

Well, setting your birth date or your nickname for your password is not strong enough to protect you from the attack of hackers. If you want to protect yourself from unauthorized attacks, you have to create strong and unique passwords. A strong password has both the numerical and alphabets are used in the right proportion so that no one can easily guess them. Here, password manager software can help you create a strong password according to the requirements of a particular website. Such as if you are creating a password for your Apple email ID, then you need to keep your first letter big and all the leading password managers fully know this requirement.

Just Need to Remember One Password

Today doesn’t matter whether you are a business organization or an individual user. You have to create multiple accounts to visit different websites. If you want to view your favorite show on Netflix, you have to create a separate account. Similarly, you have to create multiple accounts to enjoy the services of different website and problem occurs when you have to remember the password for all the accounts. With the password manager apps, you have to remember one main password where other passwords are stored, so remembering one password is much easier than remembering all the different passwords.

Best Free password managers 2021

With so many great password managers available, you’re probably wondering which one you should use. So we tested them and came up with a list of five password managers that meet our standards. In addition to keeping your password secure and accessible to you, these password managers come with various other features.

In addition to good password management, using a powerful VPN is a good way to maintain your online privacy and security.

With that in mind, here are the five top password managers.

LastPass -Password Manager & Vault App, Enterprise SSO & MFA


Of all the passwords managers we’ve tested, LastPass is our top pick. It’s free unless you’re interested in the entire suite of premium features. You set up your master password on LastPass then import all your saved login details (usernames and passwords) from your browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, and Safari.

To secure your information, LastPass deletes it from the computer. Now all you need to remember is your highly secure master password. Free features also include auto-fill, multiple identities, free credit monitoring, and two-factor authentication.

Moreover, you can store encrypted information on secure LastPass servers and share passwords with whoever you want. You can even use it to generate unique passwords quickly.

Dashlane – Never forget another password

How we choosen best password manager

Dashlane is simple and easy to use. It features two-factor authentication and lets you change many passwords for several sites in a few easy clicks. With every update, the software’s memory footprint grows smaller.

Dashlane lets you share encrypted passwords with emergency contacts and securely store crucial notes. It also provides an encrypted vault to store your passwords locally and automatically sync them across multiple devices.

You can use Dashlane’s digital wallet to conveniently make and track purchases at various online stores without having to create an account. The software even lets you peruse your receipts and reset your password with a few easy clicks. The business version is available at an annual fee.

1Password – Password Manager for Families, Businesses


1Password is another reliable and widely used password manager. It features a powerful password generator and secure storage and sharing of your username and password. This password manager is a great choice if you’re looking for an intuitive user interface.

Built into 1Password is a “watchtower” service that lets you know about any attempted breaches. You can use its digital wallet to securely store your credit card information, login credentials, network passwords, and sticky notes, among other vital information.

To demonstrate their confidence in this software’s security, the developers offered a prize of $100,000 to anyone who can hack it. With a one-time purchase, you can sync all your local information and information across devices via cloud services such as iCloud and Dropbox.

Keeper Security – Best Password Manager & Secure Vault

Keeper Security

Keeper Security provides a wide variety of password management solutions for individuals, families, and organizations. It’s among the most scalable solutions we’ve reviewed. It keeps your information secure using encrypted file storage and two-factor authentication.

As an individual user, you’ll enjoy the host of practical features that Keeper offers. Among these features are emergency access and version history. Emergency access lets you share access with up to five emergency contacts. With version history, you can go back to a previous Keeper version if problems arise with the current one.

When it comes to the data you can store, Keeper is more flexible than many of its competitors because it lets you store driver’s license numbers, passport information, and so on.

Sticky Password – Best Free and Premium Password Manager

Sticky Password

This password manager from AVG Antivirus creators has a free version and a premium one that provides additional cloud features. It comes with powerful 256-bit AES password encryption and an easy-to-navigate interface, especially on mobile.

You also get multi-device cloud-encrypted syncing options to promote the secure transfer of sensitive information over Wi-Fi. Moreover, this software supports fingerprint and Face ID sign-ins. It’s a solid password management service for small businesses.

So, we hope that after reading all the benefits and uses of password manager apps, you get the answer to your question – why to use password managers? However, the most important benefit of using a password manager app in that you can enjoy the ultimate freedom and protection on the Internet. So, install the best password manager app today on your devices.


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