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How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Windows Computer without iTunes

230Apple’s iPhones are especially known for quality pictures and Many people prefer using iPhones over recent phones (android) that enable you to capture high-quality pictures. But the problem, high-quality pictures consume too much space in your phone’s memory. And sometimes you need to transfer photos from iPhone to the computer (Windows 10) that free up some storage and capture more memorable events. For Apple users, iTunes is the ultimate solution for transferring files and other information to and from the iPhone. But due to some features limitations, iTunes does not allow you to transfer photos to the computer.

  1. iTunes doesn’t allow the selective transfer of photos.

  2. All photos organized in albums on your iPhone are not downloaded in those albums in iTunes.

  3. There is no problem importing pictures from PC to iPhone with iTunes, which however doesn’t allow you to download photos from iPhone to PC probably for privacy protection.

  4. Sometimes All photos are not readable after syncing with iTunes.

  5. If your iPhone is synced to iTunes on a different computer, all your books, TV shows, music, and other data will be deleted.

If you are Looking for an iTunes alternative to transfer iPhone photos to PC to Free up space or backup iPhone photos to windows. Here, we have explored a few simple ways which allow to transfer or import photos from iPhone to the computer without iTunes.


Transfer photos from iPhone to computer without iTunes

The process of transferring iPhone photos to PC is not like normal copy-paste, but rather a bit complicated. But to make things easier you can use DearMob iPhone Manager (iOS manager) available for both Windows And Mac. That allows extract, transfer, and backup complete set of iOS data, including photos, music, videos, application files, contact lists, podcasts, eBooks, voice memos, custom ringtones, calendar events, text messages, and more.

More ever this iOS manager Recognizes photos include Camera Roll, screenshots, Internet downloaded, shared from friends, etc. Also able to encrypt individual photos with a password to protect personal pictures. Let’s take look at how this application works.

Transfer photos from iPhone to computer using DearMob iPhone Manager

First of all Download and install DearMob iPhone Manager on your system. Once installed, open the software and connect your iPhone using the USB cable. When you connect, you will get an alert both on your phone and on your computer, “Do you trust this computer”? Click Yes to confirm. And enter the password you used to protect your iPhone/iOS device, wait a few seconds for this software to read the device.

Trust This computer

After successfully connecting the iOS device you can start managing the files/directories in it. Now to transfer any data with enhanced security, you have to choose the type of data you want to transfer. Suppose you want to transfer/ download photos from iPhone to the computer. To do this Choose Photo Transfer.

And Check the Option Export With Encryption to back up or transfer that data with the encrypted method.

A new window opens where you can customize your Encryption, First of all, read and check the option “I already know”.  Next, set a new password and confirm it. Note: keep a copy of the password to another device or notes of yours. If you lose this password, your encrypted data can never be recovered. Finally, click OK.

Next, select the iPhone photos you want to lock with the password and click Export. Here also You can group photos by Year/Month/Day or neither, and also view photos in large or small columns. That’s all Now, DearMob iPhone Manager will automatically encrypt photos on iPhone for you and transfer them to connected computers simultaneously.

It also supports iOS 11’s HEIC image format and allows you to convert the HEIC image format to JPG in just one click without losing quality and save directly to your photos folder.

Note: In case you didn’t know, iPhone shoots pictures in HEIC format which is a new image compression format that compresses images with higher efficiency. But it is not supported by all devices so exporting in JPEG format is what you need.

Import/ Add photo album to iPhone

Using DearMob iPhone Manager also you can add photos (supports .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .bmp and .tiff format) to iPhone iPad. To do this Open the application and photo transfer section.

First Click “+” to create a new album, You can edit the name of the new album as well. Next, choose the newly created Album and click “Add Photo” or “Add Folder”. Then select the photos you want to import from Windows Device to iPhone. When you click on the open button This will take a few seconds to import these images to your iPhone.

Note: you can only add photos to an unlocked album. Photos cannot be added to locked albums like Camera Roll or Screenshot.

Using DearMob iPhone Manager you can not only transfer photos from iPhone to the computer, but you can also sync music, video, etc as well if you have music or movies stored in formats that are incompatible with iOS, but DearMob iPhone Manager can also automatically convert them for you before transferring to your device.

Also, DearMob iPhone Manager offers once click backup solution that Backup iPhone to Windows without iTunes. Simply connect your iPhone to your computer and click on the backup button. DearMob will check all the files in your iPhone and will start backing up your data. Additionally checkmark the “Encrypt your Backup” option to encrypt your data before you back up.

Backup iPhone photos to Windows without iTunes

As Well as the Restore process is quite easy, click on the Backup button and click the “Restore backup files” option. DearMob will show you a list of all the previously backed up data. You can select the one you want and then click on Restore.

DearMob iPhone Restore

The software is available free to download for both Windows and macOS platforms for a trial, however, you will need to buy the license if you want to perform any action.

Transfer photos from iPhone to computer

If you’re using Windows 10 Microsoft adds the new Photos app function which can help you copy photos from iPhone to Windows 10 in bulk. It’s very interesting. Let’s see how it works.

First of all, Plug your iPhone into your PC over the USB cable. On your iPhone screen, you might see a notification with a “Trust” or “Don’t Trust” option. Tap “Trust” to continue.

Now open the photos app which can be found by typing “Photos” into the search bar at the lower-left corner of the screen in Windows 10.

Click the button at the top-right of the Photos app to import. Select your iPhone from the options that appear and tap “Import” to import photos from iPhone to Windows 10.

This method is good for bulk photo Transfer but It’s not able to load all photos of iPhone and export photos from PC to iPhone.

Using Windows 10 File Explorer

Also, Windows File Explorer has a built-in function where you can view and manage files in your devices and drives. Simply connect your iPhone to your Windows 10 PC using the USB cable provided by Apple. Check your iPhone screen now and a notification with the “Trust” option will appear. Choose the “Trust” option to continue.

Now Open Windows File Explorer. Under “This PC”, you should see your iPhone as a drive. Double-click the icon for your iPhone and open “Internal Storage” > “DCIM”, then another folder inside to get access to your photos. Now Photos taken on your iPhone should now be visible. Then you can select the photos to transfer them to Windows 10. This is also a great option but mostly It fails to read all photos of the iPhone, Because of the HEIC image format, which didn’t support Windows 10.

Overall DearMob iPhone Manager is an ultimate iTunes alternative, That allows seamlessly transfer files to and from your PC as well as edit tracks, videos, podcasts or create backups for your important data. That truly makes the whole managing your iPhone process easier than ever before. And the best part about DearMob’s UI is that it keeps the settings panel of each feature almost exactly the same, so a user is never confused in spite of the feature he is using. Just connect your iPhone and click on the feature icon you want to use. If you have already tried this tool, do share your experience and opinions in the comments below.

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