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How to Fix Run Time Error 91 on windows 10

Getting run time error 91 when opening excel? or showing dcomcnfg.exe runtime error 91 while executing an application or open file explorer on windows 10, 8.1 or 7? Here this post we discuss What is Run time error? Why getting dcomcnfg.exe runtime error 91, And every possible solution to fix this Error. 


What is Run time Error?

A runtime error is a common error on Windows-based systems, caused by the programs which try and use the DCOMCnfg.exe file on your system. DCOMCnfg.exe is the most important program that is used to control various file permission on your system. Also, this helps to load up various programs on your computer. If this DCOMCnfg.exe get corrupted windows will display error message Runtime Error 91 frequently.

The error message will be like

Run time Error '91' : Object variable or with block variable not set.

Why Getting Runtime Error?

Normally This Runtime error 91 occurs when the DCOMCnfg.exe file gets damaged, corrupted or unable to be processed as reliably as possible. Runtime Error 91 is usually not seen when the software is installed. But it appears while tries to use the installed software. The error 91 normally occurs when a link of the software that is being downloaded is interrupted or missing.

This usually caused by misconfigured system files that create registry errors within your operating system. And Some other reasons behind this run time error 91 on your system are missing DLL, faulty installation, corrupt file, registry errors, bugs, and malware or spyware that running on your system. Virus attack and some new software program are being installed before another program has been completely uninstalled are also the reason for this error.

Fix Runtime Error 91 on windows 10

You may find software updates that solve your runtime error as well as additional updates that you were otherwise unaware of. By keeping your computer updated with the latest software and hardware patches, you can solve current problems as well as prevent future ones. The first thing to do is report the issue to the developer who may not be aware of it. Next, you can turn of script debugging so that you don’t have to see this message every time the software encounters it. After all, the message is for the developer, not the end user.

Disable Script Debugging

Script debugging is made possible by a service called Machine Debug Manager. The easiest way to control it is through Internet Explorer. Type Internet Options on Start menu search and click the first option. Here on internet options move to Advanced Tab. Now scroll down to Browsing and click on Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer) and Disable Script Debugging (Other).

Runtime error 91 falls into the broad category of program errors that require updates from the developer.

disable script debugging on internet options

Change DCOMCnfg.exe Settings

The main cause of this error is thanks to the way that “DCOMCnfg.exe” blocks permissions on certain files and programs. DCOMCnfg.exe is a program used to help your computer control various aspects of the system. From making it load its programs to helping you control file permissions. It’s often the case that DCOMCnfg.exe will block public access to certain files. And That creating the Runtime 91 error as a result. You should load up DCOMCnfg.exe on your PC and change the permissions so that it grants access to “Everyone”.

Clean Out Viruses

Viruses, malware infections are another big cause of the Runtime 91 error. And in order to prevent them from being such a big issue for your system. We recommend to Install A good antivirus, spyware application with the latest updates and perform a full system scan.

Clean The Registry

The ‘registry’ is a central database for Windows which stores all the settings and options that your computer requires to run. The registry is more-or-less the ‘library’ of your computer – storing all the settings it needs to run. As you use all the software on your PC, the registry is being read 100’s of times to help it recall various settings and information that your computer needs to run, and this can cause a big problem.

The issue is that since the registry contains so many files and settings that Windows requires running Most of the time, this database is continually becoming damaged and corrupted. This is a big problem because if it cannot read the settings it needs, it can cause the Runtime 91 error. To fix this problem, it’s highly recommended you use a registry cleaner, like Ccleaner.

Check Windows for latest updates

It’s very important that your operating system is up-to-date, As these updates are created specifically to fix issues like this. Check for updates of windows and its Installed application software. Updating can work greatly. It fixes many bugs. So, You will have a good chance to get rid of Runtime Error 91.

To Check latest updates click on Settings -> update & security -> windows update -> check for updates.

These are some best working methods to fix run time error 91 when opening excel, dcomcnfg.exe runtime error 91 on windows 10, 8.1 and 7. Have any query, suggestion about this runtime error 91 feel free to comment below.

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