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Fix Error failure configuring windows updates reverting changes

As you go about your day with a Windows PC, you may at some point be required to install certain updates. Whether you want to or not, some updates are necessary to maintain the security and stability of your system in a world of bugs, crashes, and hackers. Windows usually downloads and installs updates when the auto-updater is turned on. Sometimes, an update may be required because you have formatted your PC or done a factory reset of the operating system. Sometimes windows Users Report while install and configure the updates at startup shows failure configuring windows updates Reverting changes Do not Turn off your Computer.

Microsoft makes it mandatory to Install Updates Automatically. So Whenever a New update is available windows will automatically download and install them. But sometimes things not go well Windows Update installation fails due to machine shutdown due to Power failure while installing windows updates prevent Windows updates and service packs from installing. Showing below error.

failure configuring windows updates reverting changes Do not Turn of your Computer

If your Windows 10/8/7 system gives you a message Failure configuring Windows updates, Reverting changes Do not turn off your computer message. Then you are on the right place here we have some tips that may help you troubleshoot the issue.

Note: If this issue occurs, it may take about 30 minutes to revert the changes, and then the system will show the Windows logon screen.

Cause of failure configuring windows updates

The major causes of the problem are related to two files number in the Updates list. They are KB2756872 and KB2770917 Updates for Windows 10/8.1 for x64-based Systems.

There are other causative files as well. It can be due to Windows updates drivers compatibility problems.

Another thing this trouble seems to be common among NVIDIA graphic adapter-based systems. This means both reference numbers can be graphic adapter drivers update besides cumulative updates.


Use Advanced Startup Options

If you can’t wait for a long time Simply Turn off the system by press the power key. Now boot Windows to Advanced Startup Options Here you can Access a Number of Troubleshooting tools like Startup Repair, Advanced Command prompt, System Restore, safe mode boot.

Run the Startup Repair If any Start-up application causes the problem and windows is unable to Start and complete update installation This startup repair will check and fix them.

If the Startup repair is unable to fix then you can boot Windows into safe mode with networking. And perform Bellow Steps.

Note: You can perform Bellow Troubleshooting Steps on Safe mode to fix update problems. Or after windows start Normally to prevent feature update installation Error.

Fix failure configuring windows updates reverting changes

This Error Related To windows Update So first Try the windows inbuilt Windows update Troubleshooting Tool which checks for Update errors, compatibility issues and fix them. This is the first step to fix Any Windows update Related problem.

After Download the Tool Run the tool follow the instructions this will auto-fix your problem.

To use the inbuilt Troubleshooter tool follow the steps

  1. Press Windows key + I to open settings,

  2. Click Update & security then Troubleshoot,

  3. On the right-hand side click the Additional Troubleshooters link

Click Additional troubleshooters
  1. Select Windows update then run the troubleshooter,

  2. Windows will check for the errors if any problem or error is found we will try to fix this.

  3. when this finishes just Restart your system.

Run Windows update troubleshooter

Now again check for updates and check the problem is fixed. if you are still facing the same issue try the next troubleshooting step

Disable Microsoft Services

This is another solution that a lot of users have found to be quite effective.

Open up a Run command window by pressing the Windows key + R or by clicking Start and typing Run in the search box.  Here on Run Type msconfig.exe and press Enter. The system configuration window will open. Here move to Services Tab.

Disable Startup Services

First Check Hide all Microsoft Services at the bottom of the list. Now Click on Disable All and go forward with this command.

Restart your computer and try to reinstall the updates.

Deleting The Windows Update Cache

Sometimes Corrupt Windows update Cache may be because of Update Installation. And Deleting the Windows Update Cache May Work for you. Here fallow bellow to do This

Open a Run command window (Windows key + R). Type services.exe and press Enter. On Windows Services Scroll through the list of services and look for Windows Update.

Double click the service, then click Stop > OK in the window that pops up. Also, Look at the list for Background Intelligent Service and stop it in the same way.

Now Go to C: > Windows > SoftwareDistribution > DataStore and to C: > Windows > Software Distribution > Downloads

Clear Windows update cache

Delete everything in these folders. It may ask you for administrator permission. Give it. Now-Again Go back to the Services window and restart the Windows Update and Background Intelligent Service. Simply Restart windows and reinstall your updates.

Using Microsoft command-line utility DISM

Still, you are unable to fix the problem Run Microsoft  Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) tool. Then try to install the Windows updates again.

Open/Run Command prompt as an Administrator Type the following commands.

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth   (Note – This command take at least 20 to 30 minutes of time to complete)

DISM scanhealth command

After Complete This Again Type Bellow command and press the enter key to execute the command.

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

DISM restore health command

Now Simply Restart the windows and run Windows Update again. This Time your updates are installed without any error.

These are some best working solutions to fix Windows 10 Update installation problem failure configuring windows updates reverting changes. Have any Query or new way to fix This Problem Feel Free To comment Bellow.


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