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Firefox Quantum vs Google Chrome A Quick Comparison 2022

Web browsers are our best friends nowadays because searching from entertainment material to academic information, we use them for everything. So, it is essential to pick the correct web browser to intensify your online searching experience. Usually, google chrome is the first preference of the web users as their web browser, but lately, Mozilla has introduced Firefox Quantum which they claim to use 30% less RAM on your as compared to Chrome. Now, this is a great deal for computer users, but they can’t ignore the amazing features of Chrome also.

So, if you are confused between Chrome and Firefox, then this post will give you some insight. You can compare Chrome vs. Firefox on the following grounds to find the best web browser for yourself quickly.


What is Firefox Quantum?

Firefox Quantum (previously known as Firefox) is an open-source web browser developed by Mozilla Foundation. It was first launched on September 23, 2002. It is a freeware browser. It helps many media codes along with WebM, Ogg Theora Vorbis, Ogg Opus, WAVE PCM, AAC and MP3. Its auto-updates may be discovered. And uses Google as its default search engine. You can download Firefox Quantum for free from its official here.

Firefox Quantum
Mozilla has a new web browser, called Firefox Quantum, to compete with Google Chrome. Firefox Quantum launched in November 2017 for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, and Windows users.

What is Chrome?

Google Chrome is an internet browser developed by Google Inc. It was first launched on September 2, 2008. It helps many media codes along with Vorbis, WebM, Theora, MP3 and H.264. Its auto-updates may be discovered. Google is its default search engine. You can download Google Chrome for free from its official here.

Google chrome

Firefox Quantum vs. Google Chrome Key Differences

Mozilla Firefox is a completely Open Source browser. Google Chrome is not going to be a completely open Source web browser. Firefox has MPL license, whereas Chrome is free beneath Google phrases of firms. Flash Player for Chrome is a built-in Plugin, whereas in Firefox plugin is obtainable nonetheless not in-built. Firefox has given its 27th latest safe launch, whereas Chrome has given its 30th latest safe launch.FirefoxChromeMozilla Firefox is a completely Open Source browser.Google Chrome is not going to be a completely open-source web browser.Firefox was first launched on September 23, 2002Chrome was first launched on September 2, 2008.Firefox has MPL license.Chrome is free beneath Google phrases of firms.Software related to Firefox is “Firefox OSSoftware related to Chrome is “Chrome OS.”Firefox is written in C/C++, CSS, XUL. XBL and JavaScriptChrome is written in C++ and Python.Firefox has given its 27th latest safe launch.Chrome has given its 30th latest safe launch.It does not feed your data to Google.Chrome can collect a lot of information about you.The website for Firefox is website for Chrome is


Firefox Quantum comes loaded with a built-in QR code reader and a menu item for copying a URL. Firefox Quantum even streamlined screenshotting: You can capture a section, everything on your screen, or the entire webpage all at once. You can even turn on “Night Mode” to invert the browser’s colors. Mozilla Firefox Quantum is an open-source browser that doesn’t sell access to your online data and lets you opt-in to privacy so you can freely browse. With Private Mode, for instance, Firefox Quantum can actively block unwanted content, including ads, analytics trackers, and share buttons for social media that may record your behavior without your explicit permission.

Chrome has built-in malware and phishing detection, thanks to sandboxing and safe browsing technology and auto-updates that bring security fixes. It also has several privacy tools at your disposal. For instance, like Firefox Quantum’s Private Mode, Chrome has something called an Incognito mode.


Well, if we compare both web browsers on the design side, then we can say that they are quite similar to one another. The design of Firefox Quantum and Chrome are very similar. However, Chrome is more on the user-friendly side with the large buttons, customized menu bar, and simplest settings options. Luckily, Firefox Quantum doesn’t disappoint. You’ll see visual changes throughout the browser whether looking at its toolbar icons, Settings menu, New Tab page, etc. It makes Chrome feel dated. If for whatever reason, you don’t like the new look, Firefox Quantum lets you customize it to suit your preferences.

Loading Time

Web browsers must offer quick loading time to their users. So, on the loading feature, Mozilla claims to offer fast loading as compared to Chrome. Firefox can be snappier sometimes, but not always. But, yeah, Firefox loads up the page pretty quickly, and images load up as Chrome takes a few seconds to load the images.

Firefox Quantum features an AMD VP9 hardware video encoder that helps to reduce battery consumption by cutting background tabs’ video decoding. The result is a browser that is lean yet built for multi-tasking multiple tabs with 86-percent less hang time – all while using less RAM than Chrome. Firefox uses 1.77 times less memory than Chrome, Mozilla said.

Add ons and Extensions

Chrome and Firefox both have options to add extensions and other add-ons to make your browsing experience more happening. You can download plenty of functional extensions from the google chrome or Firefox stores and make your web browsing journey more interactive and functional. You can download extensions like password managers which will help you create a strong and solid password for your email accounts. You can download a variety of extensions from both the Chrome and Firefox app stores.

Google Chromecast Feature

If you are a big fan of the Google Chromecast feature, then you won’t enjoy Firefox as much. Google’s casting feature lets you look up a video on YouTube or Netflix and play them on the other devices with the same app. Like, you can download videos from YouTube on your Chrome and then by pressing the casting feature, you can watch videos on your smart tv. This feature also works for Netflix shows and movies. But, unfortunately, nothing this kind of feature is available on Firefox.

File Not Found Error

In both, Chrome and Firefox, the file not found error 404 is handled separately. In Firefox, you will receive a simple message saying Not Found, but in Chrome, you will get the notification in three different ways- display the Google Chrome logo, offers suggestions to go to the homepage of the website returning the 404 error message and attempts to break down the URL into a search phrase and suggests the user search for the phrase on Google.

Address Bar

Google Chrome has won the game on the address bar or URL bar as they call their address bar Omnibox. That’s because their address bar gives suggestions for searches, shows top pages that the user has searched for the most and other related web pages according to your search. Moreover, if you are midway typing the keywords on the address bar, then the autocomplete feature on Chrome will take you to the URL that you have already typed on your browser.

Home Page Setup

Firefox and Chrome have a different home page layout when you first time launch the browser. Firefox offers a blank page, a homepage or a set of URLs when you open it. However, Chrome uses a bit different approach which is similar to Opera. Chrome presents the link of the nine most visited websites by the user on the web browser. Additionally, it shows the history and bookmarks options on the top of the search bar with plenty of other options and add-ons downloaded by the user.

Security and Safety

They both have tools that indicate users when they visit sites containing viruses, malware, and other threats. They also prevent users from phishing attacks. Moreover, each Google tab has separate memory which helps the user in protecting their data. However, earlier versions of Chrome were criticized because of the lack of the Master Password feature which Firefox use to offer. In the absence of this feature, anyone using a web browser can access the stored passwords. Both web browsers allow users to see the stored passwords in plain text, but Firefox Master Password won’t let the unauthorized user access the passwords.

Web Applications

Google Chrome lets web applications launch in their streamlined format without the interruption of the Omnibox URL box and toolbars. Google won’t interrupt any of your functioning and let you run web applications along with the local software.

Which one is the best Chrome or Firefox?

We prefer Firefox that is because Firefox is much more customizable and easier to use, and we can restrict Firefox to use the Max number of processes it can run at a time in my system.

  1. Open about: preferences in Firefox URL bar and scroll down to the Performance section.

  2. Uncheck “Use recommended performance settings.”

  3. Check “Use hardware acceleration when available.”

  4. Set Content Process Limit. I use “2”.

How do I switch from Chrome to Firefox?

First Import & Migration

  1. Open the Bookmark Manager with Ctrl+Shift+B.

  2. Click on the Star icon in the top toolbar.

  3. Click Import Data from Another Browser.

  4. Select Chrome and click Next.

  5. Select all of the checkboxes and click Next.

  6. When the migration is done, click Finish.

Well, that was our take on the chrome vs. Firefox comparison. After reading all the different features and functions of both web browsers, we can see that both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages which you can use at your convenience. You have to use the web browser to offer you more features and functions according to your web surfing requirements.


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