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FastestVPN- Delivers Security, Anonymity and Complete Internet Freedom

When it comes to our fundamental privacy rights, VPNs have emerged as the ultimate tool when you are looking for safe and reliable internet access and without geo-restrictions.

Fastest VPN is on the principles of speed, security, and reliability. At FastestVPN, we understand the need to secure your data and how important your privacy is to you.


FastestVPN features

  1. 150+ high-speed servers worldwide

  2. Ad-Blocker

  3. Anti-Malware Protection

  4. Dedicated VPN apps

  5. Compatibility with 20+ platforms

  6. Up to 10 simultaneous connections

  7. DNS leak protection

  8. P2P optimized servers

  9. Unlimited server switching

  10. Unlimited bandwidth

  11. 99% uptime

  12. 256-Bit AES encryption

  13. Multiple protocols

  14. Wi-Fi security

  15. NAT firewall protection

  16. Internet kill switch

  17. Unrestricted torrenting

  18. 15-day money back guarantee

  19. 24/7 customer support

FastestVPN aims to provide you the fundamental right of absolute privacy. A dedicated team of talented individuals who work around the clock to ensure you don’t run into any issues. Not to forget FastestVPN, also comes equipped with servers in more than 150 countries to make sure you don’t run into any geo-restricted content.

Since 2017, FastestVPN has served to satisfy millions of customers globally. Positive reviews from customers speak for our commitment to user-piracy and delivering the best VPN service. FastestVPN holds a customer satisfaction rating of 9.1 on Trustpilot and has also had the privilege to be featured on numerous sites including Tnw, Mashable, NBC29, NEWS9, NBCRightNow, abc8, Wccftech, Daily Herald, Talk Android, Geek Dad, and agSlashDigit.

Regardless of what device you use whether it be you’re: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Smart TV or your router FastestVPN, ensures its users that their service can connect to any device at the click of a button. Moreover, by using FastestVPN on your Xbox, PS4, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, or Kodi device, you get the added benefit of experiencing every movie, TV shows, or event in high definition.

Furthermore, FastestVPN is built to uphold a strict “no logs” policy. You can surf the internet without the fear of leaving any tracks as your activity is always limited to your browser – ensuring that you are always protected when using VPN.

Here are the pros and cons of using FastestVPN for your devices


  1. Located in the Cayman Islands

There is the Cayman Islands so great, whenever a considerable startup comes from a renowned location, it is always a major plus. Moreover, the Cayman Islands is also not a member of the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, or Fourteen Eyes security agreements, which comes to show the level of standards FastestVPN has to offer.

  1. Does Not Log Your Data

FastestVPN’s no log policy has always been the topic of interest of numerous satisfied customers. VPN’s are a generally new product and its normal for people to be skeptical of letting a service provider dictates their privacy rights. This policy essentially means that they do not track or store your data whenever you are using their services. From the second that you log onto a FastestVPN server, your information is mostly encrypted and hidden from hackers, government agencies, and yes, even FastestVPN themselves.

  1. AES 256-Bit Encryption

Military-grade encryption is the ultimate example of a high standard VPN service provider. Existing in only top-ranked VPNs and is a testament to how far FastestVPN has come.

  1. Ultra-Fast Torrenting

With features that include P2P optimized servers, unlimited bandwidth, 99.99% uptime and 20+ device compatibility at FastestVPN you can be assured that your torrent download speed isn’t affected when FastestVPN is installed on your device.


  1. 24/7 Customer Support is prolonged

FastestVPN is, in fact, a victim to its only popularity and growth as numerous costumers have commented to say that FastestVPN customer support is prolonged and needs a significant increase in staff personnel.

  1. Doesn’t Seem to Work with Tor

Combining FastestVPN and Tor is a recipe for disaster even if the benefits are huge.

Recommending FastestVPN?

While there are numerous people out there, who would argue that there are better and faster VPN providers out there. The truth of the matter is that for the price point FastestVPN offers alongside the features it includes.  FastestVPN is a good investment for your internet privacy. “Yes,” it still is a startup and has a long way to go until it rivals some of the other providers in the market, but if FastestVPN continues to uphold its standards of excellence, quality service then it is heading places! Don’t forget you can also use FastestVPN to eliminate irritating ads and popup windows, which is a massive plus point and overall a customer favorite for that matter.

FastestVPN’s success is a combination of innovative features and an incredibly affordable price point. Get a 5-Year VPN access to FastestVPN for just $49.95! It’s an incredible value for top-notch features and reliable service.

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This post is sponsored by FastestVPN.


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