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Download Windows Defender Browser Protection extension for Google Chrome

Microsoft has released a new extension “Windows Defender Browser Protection” for Google Chrome which protects from online threats. The new Chrome extension is available for free download via Chrome Web Store and is claimed to protect users against phishing and malware content. It also comes with a real-time indicator to notify users about potentially unsecured sites.

“The Windows Defender Browser Protection extension for Google Chrome allows you to add an additional layer of protection when browsing online, powered by the same trusted intelligence found in Microsoft Edge,” Microsoft says. ”

According to Microsoft, this extension protects Chrome users against online threats, like phishing and malicious websites, with real-time protection from Microsoft.

The Windows Defender Browser Protection extension helps protect you against online threats, such as links in phishing emails and websites designed to trick you into downloading and installing malicious software that can harm your computer. If you click a malicious link in an email or navigate to a site designed to trick you into disclosing financial, personal or other sensitive information, or a website that hosts malware, Windows Defender Browser Protection will check it against a constantly updated list of malicious URLs known to Microsoft. If the malicious link matches one on the list, Windows Defender Browser Protection will show a red warning screen letting you know that the web page you are about to visit is known to be harmful, giving you a clear path back to safety with one click.

The list of reported malicious URLs is regularly updated by Microsoft so that users can get complete protection from dangerous websites. If you want to try this new extension, you can download it from Chrome Web Store

Windows Defender Browser Protection for Google Chrome

The extension automatically checks links you click against a constantly updated list of malicious URLs, and if any of those links matches with one on the list, it shows a red warning screen.  You can click on the toolbar icon to enable/disable the web page monitoring and protection feature.

Turn on Off Windows Defender Browser Protection

Chrome already does a good job by automatically restricting access to sites malicious content. But Microsoft claims that its Windows Defender protection is far ahead of what you can get from Chrome. So by installing this extension, you’ll get double protection and the best thing is that this extension doesn’t disable or overwrite Chrome’s protection feature.


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