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Discord not working on Windows 10, 8 or 7? Here quick solution

Discord, one of the most popular free voice and text chat application for gamers (VOIP gaming platform) allows text, video, audio communication between game players. And it can run on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux and web browsers as well. On Windows 10 you can use the web app or dedicated app to do voice chat or send text messages to your game teammates. But sometimes when you click the Discord app it won’t open, discord stuck on connecting. Few users report discord not opening on startup or discord Stuck updating forever.

Issue: while launching Discord won’t open

The possible reasons for Discord Won’t Open Problem could be an outdated discord app, the previous session is not closed properly, the problem with AppData and LocalAppData contents, corrupted system files, Internet connection issues, incorrect proxy settings or firewall settings and more. Here we have listed few solutions to fix Discord won’t open error on Windows 10

Pro tip: Go to Discord’s official status page to see if the service is down, if not then the client might have a problem and need to fix.


Discord Won’t Open Windows 10

If this is the very first time you have noticed, Discord Not Opening Issue we recommend restart your computer. This action will be clear and fix the issue caused by a minor software glitch.

Also try run the app as administrator, to do this right click on Discord app shortcut located on the desktop, select run as administrator.

Make sure the latest version of the Discord app installed on your device.

Here the quick solution work for most users to fix when discord not opening on startup or discord Stuck updating forever

  1. Open the command prompt as administrator,

  2. Type command taskkill /F /IM discord.exe press the enter key,

kill discord process
  1. Now open task manager using Ctrl + shift + Esc key simultaneously

  2. Find any process named discord, right-click on it and select end task,

Disable discord
  1. Again open the command prompt as administrator,

  2. Type command ipconfig/flushdns and press the enter key, this will clear the DNS cache on your Device,

  3. That’s all try open the Discord app, hope there is no more problem with the app

Still need help apply the addition solutions listed below

Discord Stuck updating forever

Here another effective solution most probably fix the discord app problem on windows 10. Before starting first Close the Discord app (if running) and end the discord process on task manager.

Uninstall discord

  1. Press Windows + R, type appwiz.cpl and click ok,

  2. On the programs and features window Locate the Discord app, right-click on it select uninstall,

  3. And follow on-screen instructions to completely remove the app from your device.

uninstall discord

Clear AppData and LocalAppData

  1. Press Windows key + R, type %appdata% and click ok,

  2. A new window opens, scroll down and locate Discord folder, right-click on it to select and Delete to remove the folder.

Clear discord AppData
  1. Now again press Windows key + R, type %localappdata% and click ok.

  2. Here locate Discord folder, right click on it and select delete.

  3. Once done, reboot your computer

Reinstall Discord app

  1. Now visit Discord official site, download discord app and install on your device,

  2. Once Reinstall the Discord App try to log in again. I am sure this process of reinstall discord app should fix the issues that you were having with the app.

  3. Log in via the Web Version

Check proxy or VPN causing the issue

Again there are chances proxy server or VPN may be the case of discord app not opening. Lets first Disconnect VPN (If configured on your Device). Disable proxy following the steps below.

  1. On the start menu search for internet options and select the first result,

  2. Also, you can open the same using inetcpl.cpl on start menu search,

  3. The Internet Proprieties window should appear, click on the Connections tab

  4. Here Under the Local Area Network (LAN) settings section, click on LAN Settings.

  5. Now Under the Proxy server section, uncheck Use a proxy server for your LAN

  6. Finally, click ok then apply, Lets Relaunch Discord.

Disable Proxy server

Log in Discord with Web Version

Few users report they able to fix the discord app problem by signing in from the web version and then trying the Windows app version. If you are still having a problem with discord app, it doesn’t start or shows up the grey screen, run the web version of Discord and sign in.

  1. Open Discord official website, click Login

  2. Enter your account information (credentials ) to log in Discord in the browser.

  3. Now open the Discord app again on your Windows 10, check if it’s working properly.

Make sure your system is up-to-date

If you are running older windows version or the latest updates not installed long time it might prevent apps open or function properly on your PC. Again latest windows updates include security improvements and the latest bug fixes as well.

  1. Press Windows key + I to open the Settings app,

  2. Click update & security than windows update,

  3. Click Check for updates button to allow download and install latest windows updates from Microsoft server (if available)

  4. Once done restart windows to apply changes.

Additional solutions:

If your windows 10 computer has a wrong date and time setting then this can also cause Discord not to open. We recommend Set the Windows Date and Time to Automatic. Right-click on the date and time in the lower-right of your screen > Adjust date/time > Set time automatically.

Set date time automatically

If system files corrupted that might prevent Discord app open or function smoothly. Run system file checker utility that helps scan and replace corrupted missing system files with the correct one.

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