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Defined Relationship Between Network Security and Internet Security

Today, it won’t be wrong to say that the internet has revolutionized everything by changing our method of performing daily activities. Social media has become a prominent part of our life and eCommerce websites like amazon has eased out our lifestyle. Business practices are now more dependent on the internet which makes it important to manage the vulnerabilities evoked by it.

There are presently two types of security measures adopted by businesses to protect themselves nowadays – network security and internet security. These security systems are highly important and crucial to understanding. To understand the deep difference between both, you can read the entire post carefully.


What is Internet Security?

Internet Security

Internet security or some might refers to cybersecurity is a common terminology that is related to cyberspace. It is information security that has a responsibility to protect the integrity of networks, devices, and programs from outside attacks. It can be also referred to as a set of techniques, processes, methods, and technologies designed to protect computer systems and networks from cyber vulnerabilities.

Internet security means protecting the integrity of the networks by controlling unauthorized access using various security measures. It is the role of internet security experts to regularly monitor all incoming and outgoing traffic to minimize the risk of cyber-attacks while safeguarding the organization from all kinds of unauthorized exposures.

What is Network Security?

Network security

Network security is part of the information security that involves the planning and implementation of network security measures to safeguard the integrity of networks and programs against hacking. This security system protects the IT infrastructure of the organization and network resources from all sorts of cybersecurity threats like viruses, malware, trojans, spyware, etc., The methods like ID, password, encryption, firewalls, and backup are some of the techniques used to protect the networks.

The job description of a network security professional includes making your network more secure with the help of technical expertise such as detection systems, encryption, firewalls, digital certificates.

Network Security vs Internet Security


Internet security is an element of information security that is based on the set of techniques and methods that can be used to protect the integrity of networks, gadgets, programs, and data from unauthorized cyber attacks. In layman’s terms,  it is the practice of protecting the internet-connected systems and networks from online attacks.

On the other hand, network security functions to protect files and directories on the computer network against hacking, unauthorized access and misuse of the data. It is the part of cybersecurity that deals in protecting the integrity of your network and network-accessible resources from all kinds of unauthorized access.


From the security point of view, some people use both terms as synonymous, but they are completely different from each other. The security system of both terminologies is entirely different. If you assume that the organization is a fortified castle, then the role of network security is to maintain peace within the walls of the castle and protect the organization from outside network threats.

Internet security, on the contrary, protects the castle from inside the fortress. It protects the systems, networks, and programs of the organization from every kind of digital threats such as phishing, baiting, etc., Network security is about protecting the organization’s IT infrastructure from different kinds of online threats.


Internet security is a very broad term as compared to network security. Internet security is similar to information security whereas network security is just a part of internet security. In both terms, the most critical part is the integrity of data and programs. Under internet security, the data and programs are monitored with great integrity. However, the main concern of network security is to protect the IT infrastructure of the organization within whereas internet security had to protect the ICT of the organization from potential cyber-attacks using different methods like firewalls, ID, passwords, encryption, backup and much more.


Internet security professionals or experts are the people who have the entire responsibility of protecting the network infrastructure and interconnected systems through their expertise and knowledge of databases, firewalls, internet security, and encryption. Internet security experts are professionals who servers on cybersecurity protection, detection, and recovery. The primary job of security professionals is to monitor every kind of incoming and outgoing traffic and collaborate with all the different departments working in the organization to minimize the risk using various technologies.

The job is a network security expert is slightly minimal as they have to protect the IT infrastructure of the organization which includes important aspects like securing information assets, financial resources information and other confidential information of the organization.

The internet security and network security terms are might similar in a few aspects, but they are completely in different aspects. In simple words, Internet Security is a broader term which deals with outer threats whereas network security is a part of internet security that manages the IT infrastructure of an organization only. This is the basic difference between both the terms.

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