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5 Reasons to Use a VPN Kill Switch

Virtual private network use is on the rise globally. Now about 17% of all internet users enable a VPN daily. In the world of ever-increasing privacy and security threats, this number is only projected to grow over the next few years. But not all VPNs are equal. The best take advantage of “kill switches” to ensure your protection at all times. Yet not all VPN users choose to use the kill switch.

Learn about the kill switch feature and why you should start using it below.


What is a VPN Kill Switch?

Don’t let the name scare you. VPN kill switches could save you from identity theft or other consequences, depending on where you live. One of the most significant security concerns in the VPN world is when a connection error causes your VPN to disconnect.

Usually, VPN connections are pretty stable. But if your internet connection drops for even a second or two, it can put your security at risk.

A kill switch disables your computer from sending data until you re-establish your connection to the VPN server.

When your computer stops sending and receiving data via your VPN service, you revert to your real IP address. Along with this, your data becomes unencrypted. It can expose your identity and activity to cybercriminals, your ISP, governments, and other third-parties.

Why is VPN Kill Switch Necessary?

Even with the best VPN service using the best internet, there is no such thing as a 100% reliable internet connection. Everyone experienced this.

VPN connections are vulnerable to malfunction by factors you can’t control. They may occur from partial disconnects caused by router issues to disconnect due to power failure.

When these happen, devices revert to their default internet connection. Worse yet, it usually occurs without you even noticing.

If you use public WiFi or visit sites with HTTP protocol, your default connection is not encrypted and open. So everything you do becomes exposed to potential risks.

Fortunately, the best VPNs providers like NordVPN realized this was a substantial problem. They built a kill switch into their software to solve this problem and block all traffic before you run into any issues.

Internet Kill Switch

Here are five essential reasons to use a VPN with a kill switch:

1. Your Device Won’t Tell You if Your Connection is Unsecure

Even if your VPN connection drops for a minute, your computer will begin transmitting data via an unsecured connection. The switch happens so quickly; you won’t notice it happened.

A ton of information travels between your device and servers in a fraction of a second. You won’t even know your data has fallen into the wrong hands until it’s too late.

2. Public WiFi is Hacked Easily and Often

We all love free public WiFi at coffee shops, airports, or wherever. But you have no idea who’s the admin of the network and what types of activity logs they may be keeping. Or, there may even be hackers sitting right behind you trying to harvest your data.

With a VPN kill switch, you protect yourself in the event your VPN connection drops. So you can feel secure when you use public WiFi.

3. You a Streamer

The major platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu all have some form of region-locks. It’s no surprise that many VPN users use the service to access libraries that are otherwise not available in their region.

If you do, too, losing your internet connection for even a second could put your account at risk. That’s because these platforms often shut down accounts that try to access content from an outside location.

4. You Live Under Censorship

In many places around the world, it’s illegal to visit some websites. And that doesn’t even include exchanging your ideas and writing about them. Journalists, academics, and business professionals in such countries can’t afford to let their connections become unprotected for even a second.

5. You Use P2P File Sharing

Many ISPs have explicit bans of all types of file sharing, including legal ones. If your VPN connection drops, your peer-to-peer connection is easy for your ISP to discover.

Start Using a VPN Kill Switch

VPN kill switches are one of the best features of VPNs. They give you the protection you need if something goes wrong with your connection. And it does happen more often than you even realize.

Now’s the time to switch over to a premium VPN, which includes not only a VPN kill switch but other incredible technologies. Make sure you always get the safest and smartest internet experience.

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