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3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Thumbnails

Have you ever thought about what actually makes viewers stop at your video and click on it? It is your thumbnails, those small compressed preview images that intrigue and encourage your potential viewers to learn more by watching your video.

Lots of vloggers and videographers pay special attention to creating eye-catching thumbnails to boost their click-through rate. And lots of them don’t have specialized skills or expensive professional software at their disposal. They rely on online thumbnail makers to create stunning preview images for the videos they share on YouTube and other popular social media platforms. If you also want your thumbnails to pop, it is about time you set your sights on dedicated thumbnail making tools and started creating compelling and clickable preview images.


Tips for Making Stunning YouTube Thumbnail

Below are some useful tips that will help you get more clicks and subscribers. What’s more, we’ll help you pick the best thumbnail maker for YouTube that you can start using right now to boost the clickability of your content. Let’s dive straight into it!

Simple and Expressive

Though your thumbnails’ purpose is to grab your audience’s attention, it’s not the same as a preview. Therefore, you shouldn’t include much text and detail in it. After all, it’s not a summary.

Keep your thumbnail simple, but at the same time intriguing and conspicuous. To that end, you may want to refrain from showing too much from your video and mentioning its whole title in your thumbnail. You can do with a couple of effective shots and some words hinting at what your video will be telling about. And make sure to use the images with the greatest attention-grabbing potential.

Keep It Relevant

The common mistake lots of YouTubers make is adding impertinent information to thumbnails just for the sake of making a splash. While an irrelevant image with a hot scantily-clad blonde on your thumbnail may help you manipulate viewers into clicking on your video, it can produce a reverse effect. Just imagine how disappointed your viewers will be once they discover they’ve been fooled. Do entice your viewers with compelling thumbnails, but make sure to deliver on your promises.

Use Contrast

To make your thumbnail stand out, you may choose bright colors that won’t mingle with your platform’s brand colors. Thus, you may want to refrain from using red, white, or black if you’re planning on posting your video on YouTube. Otherwise, you risk blending in with YouTube’s palette. Opt for juicy contrasting colors that will make your thumbnail more noticeable and clickable on your favorite content sharing platform.

The Best Online Thumbnail Makers

Here some of the best online Thumbnail Maker to create beautiful thumbnails quickly and easily.


It’s one of the most popular online photo editors that can help you quickly create an eye-catching thumbnail for your YouTube video. It doesn’t require any previous experience with editing software or specialized skills. You can use it right in your browser to generate unique preview images. Crello boasts a number of other useful features that may help you spruce up your content and enhance your images in the blink of the eye.


You’ve probably heard about this robust and versatile graphic design tool. Just like Crello it can be used online and famed for its ready-made templates that make it delightfully easy to create professional-looking YouTube thumbnails. There are countless animated graphics, templates, photos, images, and fonts with a drag-and-drop interface that’s super easy to use.


It is an easy-to-use YouTube thumbnail maker with a vast array of custom templates that can help you craft an immaculate thumbnail within the shortest possible time. You can easily resize, change the default size, and make other changes to your thumbnails to fit your individual needs. You can add new sections from the panel on the left side of the screen to include custom text, icons, and graphics. Visme also enables you to create your own to match your brand colors and offers the default solutions that


This tool boasts tons of fully customizable YouTube thumbnail templates you can use as you see fit. You can also start with a blank canvas and add your own images, captions, animations, or logos to create your own project. PicMonkey offers an in-depth tutorial for making nonpareil thumbnails for your vlogs and promotional videos. So even if you’ve never so much as used graphic design makers before, you won’t experience any difficulty figuring out how to use PicMoney to your advantage.

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