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Web File Share - New Release

Version: 2016.04.25

New features:

  • Added support for the Web File Share mobile apps.

  • Added authentication plugin for SimpleSAMLphp. It can be used to provide single-sign-on into Web File Share for "Active Directory Federation Services", Shibboleth and other SAML identity providers.

  • Whenever a user is browsing a folder which contains a file named "README.TXT" or "README.HTML", the content of the file (given that is smaller than 1MB) will get displayed on the info tab​(details and activities) whenever no file or folder is selected. The name can be changed from README" to anything else using the config directive $config['app']['ui']['ReadMeFileName'] = "README";, inside "customizables/config.php". If you place a dot in front of your custom filename, the file will be hidden inside Web File Share however the content would still get displayed.


  • Added API method for renaming files and folders.

  • Added API method for downloading thumbnails.

  • Added API method for adding and removing stars to files and folders.

  • Added API method for creating new folders.

  • The OAuth2/API consent screen is now responsive. For authentication there is now a custom login screen which is also responsive. Both pages load instantly over any Internet connection, using minimal bandwidth.

  • When browsing "Starred" or "Shared links", you can click on the "Location" path displayed on the details panel to show the file or folder in its location.

  • The control panel list of users is sorted by registration date with the newest created users listed at the top.

  • Logins via SSO are now registered to the user activity log.


  • Fixed opening e-mail/weblink/share etc panels more than one time per session.

  • Fixed enabling folder notifications by non-admin users.

  • Fixed file listing for "Shared links" when one of the listed files is locked.

  • Fixed the traffic quota system which was incrementing the usage incorrectly.

  • Joomla SSO when Joomla is configured with a custom session handler instead of the default PHP "files" handler.

  • Fixed larger video preview display.

  • OAuth2: The refresh tokens are no longer removed along with the access tokens, as long as they are not expired.

  • Fixed full name display in the activity log for new user registrations.

  • Fixed the "Admin: Text Indexer Test" plugin which is available when text indexing is enabled.

Other changes:

  • Overwriting files by editing is now possible even when file versioning is disabled. Note that there is no fail safe. Take great care because if something goes wrong, the old file versions are lost. We do not recommend you to disable the file versioning. If you worry about storage space, allow Web File Share to keep at least one older version.

  • The list view column "Type" is now hidden by default.

  • Minor visual refinements.

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