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Web File Share - New Release

Version: 2016.03.08


  • Improved security

  • Users passwords are now hashed using the Blowfish cipher and using a randomly generated salt. This improves protection against hash tables lookup attacks. The already stored password hashes are being seamlessly updated by Web File Share the first time the users log in.

  • Improved protection against session hijacking and fixation.

  • Added option for automatically logging out users after a predefined period of inactivity. Applies only to the cases when the users did not select the "Keep me signed in" option.

  • HTTP Basic Auth has been removed for improving the safety of the users credentials. If the user is not authenticated, he gets directed to the regular login page instead of getting the browser login prompt.

  • SSO no longer signs the user in persistently. Closing the browser logs the user out until he accesses "/sso" again.

  • Fixed potential sign out issue for users with incorrect dates set on their computers.

  • Added control panel section for controlling what method is being used for previewing the various file types. You have full control over what happens when you double-click a particular file type (by extension or type - the type includes a predefined list of file extensions).

  • File indexing and full-text searching

  • Web File Share now uses Apache Tika for extracting text contents out of files for indexing for full-text searching. This update will disable the file indexing until you reconfigure it.

  • For a list of supported formats, please see: that Web File Share does not index audio, video, image, archive and other types of files which do not have a main text content.)

  • The search index is now processing files large up to 10MB. Before it was limited to 3MB.

  • The indexing queue no longer processes folders in one go, but instead queues the individual files, so that the process can be resumed if interrupted, instead of processing all files from the beginning.

  • The file indexing and full-text searching feature requires now PHP 5.4 as the minimum version.

  • Added single-sign-on support for the LDAP plugin on Windows servers running IIS with "Integrated Windows Authentication" enabled.

  • Increased number of simultaneous uploads from 2 to 3. It can be customized by setting$config['app']['upload']['max_simultaneous'] inside "customizables/config.php".

  • Previewing files now shows in the user activity log what method has been used.

  • File preview actions are no longer logged for files that do not have a preview method.

  • Added support for playing WEBM and OGV video files.

  • The control panel menu has been reorganized to allow the settings to be found easier.

  • Emptying the trash folder is now automatically refreshing the space usage indicator for users configured with space quotas.

  • Added command line script "cron/metadata_update_file_type.php" for automatically updating files metadata. It requires an absolute file path as an argument. It can be either the path of an individual file or the path of a folder, in which case all files found inside the folder will get the metadata updated. It can be used if you frequently upload files to Web File Share-managed folders using FTP (or any other third-party method) and you would like Web File Share to extract and show the files' metadata.


  • Regression bugs:

  • Fixed WebDAV access for certain client programs.

  • Fixed control panel access for independent admin users.

  • Fixed Smarty error displayed on the main page when Pusher is enabled.

  • Fixed the user import and export control panel tools.

  • Fixed re/indexing folders.

  • Fixed accessing the control panel "E-mail notifications" section.

  • Fixed renaming files without extension when there is no blocked extension listed.

  • Fixed potential "Failed to create folder" error when trying to upload a folder containing small files on a very fast connection.

  • If a user is required to change the password but does not have permission to change personal information, the account settings popup no longer opens.

  • Fixed large download issue, regarding fpassthru on some servers.

  • Opening files from Search results, Starred and Shared links in "External Window".

  • The control panel menu option "Import users" is no longer visible for other users than the superuser.

Other Changes:

  • Office documents now open by default with Box View.

  • PDF documents open by default with the browser's own PDF support. If you are using an old browser, right-click documents and select to open them with "PDF viewer" or some other available method.

  • MP4 video files are played using HTML5 instead of Flash.

  • Web video formats are being played in HTML5 also on Internet Explorer, so a modern version is required.

  • Moved the thumbnail size configuration option to the Interface Options.

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