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Web File Share - New Release

Version: 2016.02.19

New feature:

  • Speed and performance:

  • Web File Share uses now up to 60% less RAM memory.

  • The core application runs 3 times faster. Up to 10 times faster when OPcache PHP extension is installed/enabled.

  • Everything feels super fast and when browsing folders with many image files, generated thumbnails load in an instant.

  • Image galleries load in an instant.

  • Your server will be able to handle at least two times more simultaneous users.

  • A control panel option for viewing online users, in real time. The feature requires integration.

  • Added HumHub authentication plugin.

  • Added MODx authentication plugin.

  • Users can be now configured with a maximum file size for uploads. This affects all possible ways of uploading a file (main user interface, touch interface, weblinks with upload permission, WebDAV, API). Like most permissions it can be set either individually or through the role permissions.

  • Added control panel option for limiting the number of old versions Web File Share keeps for each file. Setting the number to 0 disables the versioning system. This config option is taken into account only when a new version gets saved, so the action of setting a lower value does not affect the existing file repository in any way. The option cannot be used to actively remove old file versions.

  • Typing inside the search field now instantly filters the current file listing, for quickly locating a file or folder in a long list.

  • Added option for printing the comments attached to a file. It can be found next to the button you normally press for adding a comment.


  • Metadata:

  • The control panel "Metadata" » "File types" now shows the number of files in the system marked with each type. Remember that you can add new types based on file extension, Web File Share will automatically assign new files to these metadata file types.

  • Clicking the metadata values displayed on the preview panel is automatically searching the home folder for files with the same metadata value.

  • We have made it so that when you copy and paste a file, the copy automatically gets a metadata type assigned and the values for the metadata fields that are set with an "automatic source" get populated. For example, when you upload an image file that has embedded EXIF data, such as "author", "caption", "GPS location", etc the data gets automatically imported to the metadata fields. This functionality has been available until now only for newly uploaded files.

  • Files extracted from archives also get the same metadata treatment as above.

  • Overwriting a file by uploading will now update the files' metadata.

  • User interface and file management:

  • Selecting a file inside "Starred" now shows the option of previewing the file, in the top menu.

  • Selecting an item inside "Trash" now shows the option of permanently deleting the file, in the top menu.

  • Selecting an item inside "Shared links" now shows the option of opening the web link panel, in the top menu.

  • The created dates for files are now shown for files under "Starred" and "Shared links".

  • You can right-click the empty area of the currently opened folder for pasting files and folders. Files and folders copied from the same folder will be duplicated with the names changed to "Copy of [...]".

  • Archives can now be extracted inside the same folder, skipping the subfolder. Simply leave empty the folder name when prompted.

  • The file list now shows a different icon indicating that there are multiple comments attached to a file.

  • The text/code editor no longer wraps long lines by default. A button is available, next to the charset selection, for toggling line wrapping.

  • The control panel option for setting the default role is no longer hidden under the "User Registration" panel.

  • E-mail notification rules can be filtered in the control panel also by user or group names.

  • The config option "File types blocked from uploading:" has been moved from "Interface options" to "Misc options". It is now called "Blocked file types".

  • The users will not be able to upload, create, rename files using the listed extensions.

  • It applies to all access methods: regular web interface, touch interface, web links, WebDAV, API.

  • Any attempt gets logged in the user activity log.

  • The LDAP authentication plugin sets the home folders to the Web File Share user accounts based on the LDAP data. Note that this does not apply to already imported user accounts.

  • Setting $config['app']['audioplayer']['playlist'] = false; inside "customizables/config.php" will disabling the audio player playlist. This would make the player load faster when there are many audio files in the folder.

  • Setting $config['app']['sharing']['allow_read_notifications'] = true; inside "customizables/config.php" will allow users to enable "Download, Preview, Copy, etc" notifications on shared folders. We recommend you do not use this configuration option unless you clearly understand what the consequences are.

  • Setting $config['app']['filelog']['enable_for_shares'] = true; inside "customizables/config.php" will allow users to check the user activity inside shared folders. We recommend you do not use this configuration option unless you clearly understand what the consequences are.

  • The "Alternate download" plugin now works for subfolders as well.

  • The action of extracting an archive file is now being logged to the user activity log.

  • Failed file/folder rename attempts are now logged to the user activity log.

  • Failed login attempts from OAuth2 clients (API) are now being logged to the user activity log. The method of access (OAuth2) is now being logged and displayed.

  • Added API methods for sharing and unsharing a folder.


  • Fixed login problem introduced on the Microsoft Edge browser by the latest Windows update.

  • Fixed downloading multiple files by dragging them to the download cart.

  • Fixed issue with WebDAV and ampersand characters in folder names.

  • Fixed thumbnails sometimes shown out of place on Firefox and Internet Explorer.

  • Fixed error when uploading over an existing empty file. This will allow Microsoft Office applications to handle better temporary files inside Web File Share folders over WebDAV connections.

  • Fixed sending files (and folders selected from the tree menu) via e-mail as weblinks from the linking panel.

  • Fixed the "User can zip and download folders" permission. Users with this permission unchecked can no longer download folders and the zip option is hidden.

  • Fixed compatibility with latest Joomla version (3.4+).

  • Showing full user name in most places.

  • Fixed locking/unlocking files from Starred and Shared links.

  • Fixed error when deleting a folder with a similar name to a file which exists in the same folder.

  • Fixed possible errors when logging in, logging out or requesting to reset a forgotten password.

  • Uploading files through web links, API, WebDAV sets the meta type of the file and automatically populates metadata.

  • Google Chrome is no longer autocompleteing the username and password fields when adding or editing a user account.

  • Fixed display of "Created" date for items inside Trash.

  • Fixed display of "Deleted from" path in Trash for files deleted from shared folders.

  • Fixed metadata extraction error when uploading certain MP4 video files.

  • The autocomplete fills in the first and last name properly on the user registration form.

  • User registration is no longer possible if a valid role is not configured.

  • Moving files will check your disk space quota usage only when moving files from another user's folder to your own. Moving files around your own folder does not affect the disk usage.

  • Fixed checking disk space quota of the shared folder owner user when uploading through the touch interface.

  • When editing an image file and multiple thumbnails are generated for the various versions, no thumbnail is now left behind in the cache.

  • Prevented Chrome from making requests to favicon.ico on every Web File Share folder browse.

  • The folder ".Web File Share.versioning" is no longer left empty, but removed, when there no longer any file version inside.

  • Empty metadata values records are no longer created inside the database.

  • The database is now being cleaned of records of expired OAuth2 authentication codes and access tokens.

  • The error message from "customizables/events/file.upload.php" gets now shown to the user and it triggers a proper error in WebDAV, no longer allowing temporary data to be stored inside the Web File Share user folder after the rejected uploads.

  • The API method for uploading files can be now used with the POST HTTP method, to allow for specifying the target path. It also returns custom errors if you have events scripts created.

  • Fixed aspect of weblinked folders containing files with longer comments.

  • Using the "Share link" button to e-mail files from the linking panel now has the "Send WebLinks instead of attaching the files." checked as it should be.

  • Fixed error when SSO is configured for the "Generic (SQL)" plugin.

  • Layers of PSB files are now also flattened for the thumbnail generation.

  • Slightly improved aspect when the application is not configured with a title or a logo.

  • Minor visual tweaks for the login page.

Other changes:

  • Usernames are now forced to always be lowercase.

  • Web File Share used to sync the MySQL database timezone with the PHP one. It no longer does that by default. It is recommended that you configure your MySQL database with the correct timezone. In the rare case that doing so is not an option, you can still enable $config['app']['sync_db_timezone'] = true; but it slightly affects Web File Share's performance.

  • Setting $config['app']['ui']['grid_short_date'] = false; inside "customizables/config.php" will make the files "modified" and "created" dates to be formatted based on the "Date Format: Files" translation string available in the "Main Interface" section.

  • Removed $config['app']['count_uploads_as_traffic'] config option. Traffic quotas no longer count file uploads. Viewing and previewing files also no longer counts towards the traffic quota.

  • Non-superuser admins can no longer export/import users.

  • On PHP version 5.3, "magic_quotes_gpc" is required to be set to "Off".

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