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Remote Desktop Access

Work from Anywhere - Instant Access to Your Office or Home Computer

Access your computer from anywhere with your own secure, private, remote desktop access portal.
Use your company computer as if you were sitting in front of it.  Access your office computer from your home computer, mobile device, or laptop.  Supports both Windows and Mac environments.

Secure, on-premise solution

  • On-premise self-hosting puts you in complete control of your remote control solution.

  • Access your private portal with secure SSL configuration using TLS 1.2

  • Encrypted remote sessions using PKI and AES-256 is used for all data passed between systems.

  • HIPAA and PCI are just a couple of the supported compliances.

  • Two Factor Authentication provides an additional level of authentication.

  • Integrates with LDAP & Active Directory.

QuikBox Web File Share - Creating a shared link

Remote Desktop Features

QuikBox Web File Share - upload files

Unattended Access

  • Access any device with a QuikBox Remote Desktop agent, anytime, and fix issues without users being present.

Transfer files and folders 

  • Transfer files and folders with menu options.

  • Copy and paste file transfer is another option for moving files and folders across machines.

QuikBox Web File Share - Search for files
QuikBox Web File Share - Share files with other users

Share Folders with other Users

  • Share folders directly with other Web File Share users and groups

  • Share access to HR forms, marketing collateral & price lists, test reports & certifications, client documents, etc. without giving permission to modify, delete, or rename.

  • Control their access type - upload, view, edit, delete, etc.

  • Access the shared folders via WebDAV - this allows users to access documents through a "mapped drive" from anywhere

Automated File Versioning

  • Restore or download previous file versions

  • Lock file changes from other users

  • Works with WebDAV as well

QuikBox Web File Share - Search for files
QuikBox Web File Share - Share files with other users

Advanced Security & Encryption

  • 2-Step Authentication

  • 100% HTTPS/SSL using TLS 1.2

  • CAPTCHA for the user registration

  • Full-option password policy manager

  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS) protection

  • SQL injection protection

  • Session Hijacking protection

  • Brute force login protection

  • The users input is strictly validated to prevent access outside their allowed folders

  • Direct access to the files is not capable - The files are not stored in Web File Share

Automated Email Notifcations

  • Folder-based email notifications

  • 70+ Monitored actions

  • Get notified as soon as someone downloads or views your shared document

  • Great for following up with customers - you know when they have viewed your downloaded your information

  • A must have for building simple workflows

QuikBox Web File Share - Search for files

Session Management

  • Multiple invitation methods e.g. email, session codes and publicly visible sessions can be created. 

  • Remotely upgrade unattended clients, install and uninstall clients at any time.

  • Transfer sessions from one technician to another

  • Add notes to sessions for organization compliance or billing.

  • Broadcast chat messages from the web UI to individual or group machines.

  • Screen preview from the web UI to see if a machine is being used before connection.


  • Send ‘Ctrl +Alt+Del’ to a client’s machine.

  • Take screenshots instantly which are later saved automatically.

  • Screen recordings are saved in .avi format

  • Screen blanking enables technicians to work without customers looking on.

  • Reboot and reconnect to a machine automatically. It can be either a normal boot or a safe boot.

  • Transfer files and folders with menu options. Drag and drop file quickly and simply.

  • Reverse screen share to allow the customer to view your desktop.

  • Get access to a toolbox that lets you run your favorite tools on the other machine with a single click.

  • Adjust screen quality from true color to black and white to preserve bandwidth.

  • Work in full-screen mode and use the entire desktop to see the customer’s machine.

  • View multiple monitors easily while allowing technicians to see every monitor on the remote machine.

  • Zoom in and out to the size that works for your vision

  • Block the customer from controlling the machine while you are working.

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