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Windows 10 April 2018 Update v1803 – Print clutter free with Edge Browser

Printing articles from a webpage can be annoying if you just hit Ctrl + P and start printing away. You can end up with 10 pages of full of ads, navigation bars, and other markup items from the page for just a short article. Starting with Windows 10 April 2018 Update V1803, Microsoft edge has introduced a new feature called “Clutter-free printing” that strips ads and unnecessary markups and sections away from the final carbon copy.

that means While printing a webpage open in Edge browser if you select the clutter-free printing option, it automatically removes all ads as well as other not so important links from the sidebar of the webpage to make only the content visible on the webpage. Here is a look at how to use the Clutter-free printing feature.

To print web pages clutter-free in Microsoft Edge

To use clutter free print feature and print web pages without distractions using Microsoft Edge:

At first open Microsoft Edge browser and navigate to a web page you would like to print. Here use printing shortcut key Ctrl + P.  Or Alternatively, you can click on the menu button with three dots and select Print. This will represent a print preview screen like image below, which contains unnecessary ads, links, sidebar banners etc.

Clutter Free Printing off

Now Locate the Clutter-free printing option and change its drop-down menu from Off to On, You will notice a huge difference. Here the same page with the clutter-free option enabled.

Clutter-Free Printing on

Now click on Print button to finish the process. Microsoft Edge will print a clean version of the web page without any clutter, including advertisements that may just waste the printer’s ink.

The new clutter-free print feature is definitely a useful addition to Edge users. By cleaning up the page content, you can print exactly what you want, removing unnecessary content that gets printed and thus saving your printer toner or ink.


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