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How to enable/Disable and Manage windows 10 sets feature

With Windows 10 Redstone 5 build 17063 Microsoft Added “Sets” feature that lets you organize apps, documents, and web pages into tabs, similar to how tabs work on a web browser. Sets introduce multi-tab support in applications on Windows 10. Different programs or instances of the same program may share a single window so that you may switch between them in the window, and change window states (e.g. minimize, close, or maximize).

Note:  With Windows 10 preview build 17704 Microsoft Announced they’re taking the “Sets” feature back and it’ll be released to the Insiders again when it’s ready.


  1. 1 Windows 10 sets feature

  2. 1.1 The basics Of windows 10 Sets Feature

  3. 1.2 Enable And Manage Sets feature in Windows 10

  4. 1.3 How to enable and Disable Sets feature on Windows 10

  5. 1.4 Sets Coming in Windows 10 20H1Windows 10 sets feature The concept behind Sets is to make sure that everything related to your task: relevant webpages, research documents, necessary files and applications, is connected and available to you in one click. Office (starting with Mail & Calendar and OneNote), Windows, and Edge become more integrated to create a seamless experience, so you can get back to what’s important and be productive, recapturing that moment, saving time – Microsoft believes that’s the true value of Sets.

Microsoft currently testing this feature on windows insider Builds (RS5) And may It will reveal on next major update probably on Sep 2018.

The basics Of windows 10 Sets Feature

Sets: With all the elements that go into a task, sometimes convincing yourself to get started is the hardest part. Sets help you keep web pages, documents, files, and apps connected while remaining just one click away. When you close a file that includes a group of tabs, we’ll help you bring those tabs back to life the next time you open it. Whether it’s something you pick up later in the day or in a couple of weeks, Sets is being designed to help you keep the important things together.

Add tabs to apps: To help fuel Sets, most apps will be able to add app and web tabs. When you select a link in something like an e-mail, it’ll open in a new tab next to the app you were using. Selecting the plus (+) in an app will take you to a new tab page, which will help you jump to your next location. You might already know where you want to go, or just need a little bit of inspiration. From here, you’ll be able to search your PC and the internet, access customized feeds, open frequently used websites and apps, and get suggestions based on your recent activity.

Here are a few keyboard shortcuts to use windows Sets Feature :

  1. Win+Ctrl+Tab – Switch to the next tab

  2. Win+Ctrl+Shift+Tab – Switch to the previous tab

  3. Win+Ctrl+1 through 8 – Switch to a specific tab

  4. Win+Ctrl+9 – Switch to the last tab

  5. Ctrl+T or Win+Ctrl+T – Open a new tab

  6. Ctrl+W or Win+Ctrl+W – Close the currently active tab

Enable And Manage Sets feature in Windows 10 It is unclear whether Sets will be enabled by default on Windows 10 when it launches or if users need to enable it. If you want to find out if the Sets is enabled in your Windows 10 installation, can use the following steps: Open Settings -> System -> Multitasking Scroll down on the page that opens until you find the list of Sets preferences. The Settings application lists three options right now:
  1. Define how websites and apps open by default (default: in tabs).

  2. Define what pressing Alt-Tab shows when you use the shortcut (default: show Windows and tabs)

  3. Add apps to the blacklist so that they open in their own program window all the time.

You can change the default opening method from websites and apps opening in tabs to windows. This blocks the automatic creation of window tabs on the device. For Alt-Tab, you can switch to windows-only so that only windows are displayed when you use the feature. Blacklisting apps is useful if you want to make sure that certain programs are not opened as tabs on the device. Some, fullscreen games for instance, are not opened in tabs in existing program windows obviously. A click on the “add an app” button displays the list of installed Windows Store apps and installed desktop programs. If the program is not listed, select “look for another app on this PC” to use the file browser to select a custom program on the system (useful for portable programs and any program not in the list of apps).

How to enable and Disable Sets feature on Windows 10

In the case that Sets isn’t available, you can use the Local Group Policy editor to enable the feature ( Note: Group policy feature available only Windows 10 Pro and later editions.

Press windows + R, type gpedit.msc and press OK to open the Local Group Policy Editor. Now navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Sets Policy.

Here on right side, and double-click the Turn off Sets setting, And select radio button “Not Configured” Click apply and ok to make save changes.

Also If you are looking for Disable Sets Feature simply select the Radio button “Enabled

Enable Sets feature on windows 10

After completing the steps, restart your computer to apply the settings and enable Sets. If you still can’t use apps on tabs, then Sets isn’t available on your installation. Download And install The latest Windows 10 Insider build (RS5) to enjoy the feature.

With Windows 10 preview build 17704 Microsoft Announced they’re taking the “Sets” feature back and it’ll be released to the Insiders again when it’s ready.

Microsoft’s Dona Sarkar said in a blog post.“Starting with this build, we’re taking Sets offline to continue making it great. Based on your feedback, some of the things we’re focusing on include improvements to the visual design and continuing to better integrate Office and Microsoft Edge into Sets to enhance workflow. If you have been testing Sets, you will no longer see it as of today’s build, however, Sets will return in a future WIP flight. Thanks again for your feedback,”

Update: 20/09/2019

Sets Coming in Windows 10 20H1

Now it looks like Microsoft is ready to bring Sets back, according to a tweet of Microsoft watcher @h0x0d. If he’s right, Sets is part of Windows 10 build 19481, which means that sooner or later, the software giant is likely to include it in preview builds and let insiders try it out.

oh ? “Sets” is back in 19481 ? ? — WalkingCat (@h0x0d) September 20, 2019

Otherwise, this is a sign that Microsoft wants to bring Sets back in Windows 10 20H1, which is scheduled to go live in spring 2020.


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