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Web File Share - New Release

Version: 2016.06.20

New features:

  • File requests: File requests allow you to collect and receive files from anyone, right into your Web File Share user account, with just a link. Click "NEW" -> "File request". You will be asked to answer the question "What are you requesting?". The name you provide will be shown to the public. It will also be used to automatically create a folder where the incoming files will be stored. As soon as you answer the question you will be provided with the link that you can share with people. Tip: For even more convenience, use the "Share link" option on the bottom-right on the panel to send the link through some of the most common channels.

  • Zamzar ( plugin for converting files. Requires an API key to be set inside "customizables/custom_actions/zamzar/app.php".

  • ONLYOFFICE ( plugin for viewing and editing files. The file "customizables/custom_actions/onlyoffice/app.php" needs editing, for setting the ONLYOFFICE Document Server installation URL.

  • Command line script for deleting older files. You run it like this "cron>php delete_old_files.php 2592000 admin confirm". Where "2592000" is 30 days in seconds, "admin" is the username of the account that is being cleaned and "confirm" is needed for executing the task. If "confirm" is omitted then the command will only simulate the action, showing you what will happen without actually deleting the files. If the username is omitted, the process will run for all user accounts in the system. 2592000 is the smallest value you can use, preventing you from deleting files younger than 30 days. Important note: the date used for determining a file's age is the "modified" date, not the "created" date. If you have files created a long time ago, but were recently modified, they will not be deleted. For any other desired behavior, the file "system/modules/fileman/sections/cli/php/delete_old_files.php" is freely editable.

  • User profile images. By default Web File Share displays a colorful profile image with the user's initials. Users can upload their own image files through the "Account settings" panel. (Profile images are being saved in PNG format with transparency enabled, so it welcomes corporate logos which might have transparent backgrounds.)


  • Home folder template: For user accounts that you do not specify a home folder yourself, such as accounts created through the sign-up process, or accounts created through roles with the "Automatically create the folder if it doesn't exists." option enabled, Web File Share will look for the folder "system/data/home_folder_template". If it finds the folder, the contents of that folder will be used to create the new account's home folder.

  • Added support for multiple login logos. If you add $config['app']['ui']['login_logos']['google'] = '';inside "customizables/config.php, you can then access the Web File Share installation URL by appending "?client=google" to show that particular preconfigured logo instead of the default configured one.

  • The logo tile/image gets automatically hidden for screens narrower than 730 pixels, to allow the usability of the horizontal menu.

  • Added SSO (Single Sign On) button on the login page that is automatically displayed when authentication plugins with SSO are enabled. For authentication plugins that are based only on SSO, the login page automatically redirects to the SSO URL.

  • The download cart is now available as a tab under the "Details and activity" side panel which you activate by pressing the "(i)" icon on the top bar.

  • Added prompt for Android users, on login page, to ask if they want to use the mobile app instead.

  • File comments are now sorted so that the newest comment is displayed at the bottom of the list.

  • Sorted alphabetically the list of anonymous shared folders.

  • Added the preview option on the top menu for items inside the "Shared links" section.

  • Added e-mail template for the "Password changed" notifications.

  • Added API method for getting one user's information. Requires "admin" scope and privileges.

  • Added API method for downloading one user's profile image.

  • Added configuration directive "$config['system']['db']['utf8_names']" which if set to true, will force the MySQL connection to use UTF-8.


  • Downloading many files using the "Download all" button from weblinked folder no longer triggers e-mail notification for each individual file, but a single one for the downloaded folder.

  • Fixed browsing shares via the touch interface.

  • Fixed the content search which was searching all files, instead of only the files from the selected folder. The search index will need to be rebuilt. Use the "cron/reindex_files.php" command line script for that.

  • Fixed API file search. (An new version of the Android app which will support file searching will shortly be released.)

  • Fixed moderate security issue. Details are not provided given that it can be exploited.

  • Fixed logging in as a user from the control panel. The activity log entry now also shows "Control panel" as the login method used, not to confuse the entry for a user action.

  • Creating new files with Google, Zoho or Pixlr now warns if a file with the same name already exists.

  • Fixed file path inside e-mail notifications triggered by a folder-based notification rule as a result of downloading a file through a weblink.

  • Prevent errors when trying to download a weblinked folder which no longer exists.

  • Fixed path handling on Windows server for users with home folders set to a drive letter.

  • Fixed arrow icon when selecting groups and users.

  • Added missing option for setting the thumbnail size inside the "Interface" -> "Options" control panel section.

  • Fixed a possible error when using the Google Editor integration.

  • Fixed sending of e-mail notifications under certain circumstances.

  • When missing or incorrect file modification date, Web File Share no longer displays a value.

  • Javascript "" no longer changes, so the frame can be reliably referenced by it.

  • Fixed showing full user name when browsing shares via the API/mobile.

  • Fixed sharing permissions inside the root of anonymously shared folders.

  • Added top bar buttons inside shared folders.

  • Fixed error inside Starred section related to files locked by other users.

  • Fixed path displayed inside the "WebLink folder access" e-mail notifications.

  • Fixed date selector not allowing you to search user activity logs up to days older than the current day.

  • Download links in weblinks are no longer using JavaScript, so that one can drag or copy them into a download manager.

Other changes:

  • Minor visual fixes and enhancements.

  • Successfully tested with ImageMagick version 7.

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