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Enterprise Organizer Pro - New Release


  • Use Barcodes as Separators. You can now automatically separate files whenever a barcode is encountered. If that barcode happens to have a valid path and filename, you can also have the document routed to that location. Find this option in the Scan and OCR dialogs > Separate tab.

  • Use Barcode Text in Naming Options. When you set up a naming option there's a new field: Barcode Text. Indicate the page where the barcode is found and, if there's more than one barcode on the page, the barcode position. Note that you should go toSettings > Barcodes to set up which kinds of barcodes you use.

  • Use OCR Text in Naming Options. This is a new Naming Option field called Zone OCR. To set it up, select Zone OCR, click Open then Load Document, browse out to a sample scan, and draw a rectangle around the region that will contain the OCR text. Be generous.

  • Faster OCR. You can now OCR two pages simultaneously. On the Scan and OCR dialogs, go to the OCR tab. You'll see an option called Page Threads. The current limit is two pages.

  • Back/Forward Navigation. Right above the list of files in Manage view, you'll see a couple of green arrows. Use these to jump back and forth between places where you've been.

  • Folder Status Indicators. Enterprise Organizer Pro can now show a small icon indicating if a folder has any files in it or if it's empty. Turn it on at Settings > Manage Files > Folder Status Indicator.

  • Date Formats are Customizable. Go to Settings > Date Formats. You can customize the date formats used in Naming Options.

  • Date Shifting. If you use the current date in your Naming Options, you can now shift it. In other words, the date is selectable. When saving or renaming a file, click the "..." button by the file name field. A naming window will open. Change the date at the top of that window, then choose your naming option.

  • Filter on Folders. This is a new way to categorize Naming Options. In a nutshell, you can decide to only show certain naming options based on what drawer or folder you're in. That way, you'll only see tax-related naming options when you're in a "Tax" folder, for example. To set this, edit your naming option. You'll now notice a Filter on Folders list. Type in the names of any folders where you want this naming option to appear, one per line. If you don't list any folders, it will appear everywhere.

  • Paste an Image to File. If you've got an image in the clipboard (for example, you've just done some web clipping or a screen capture), you can paste the image into the Fileswindow. Enterprise Organizer Pro will ask you for a file name and what format you want it in (PDF, JPEG, etc.). Enterprise Organizer Pro will then turn it into a file.

  • Drag/Drop Outlook Messages. When you drop Outlook messages into Enterprise Organizer Pro, you now get options, like making the file's date/time match the email's date/time, stripping out attachments, etc. It's almost all of the power you get with the Outlook Add-in without having to use the Outlook Add-in. To enable it, go to Settings >General > Enable Advanced Outlook Drag/Drop.

  • Add Bookmarks When Scanning. If you scan in Manage view, you'll see a new option on the Scan dialog: Bookmark. This lets you add a bookmark to the PDF. The idea is that if you're appending documents to each other, you may want bookmarks indicating where each document starts. Note that you can use your Custom Lists for bookmark names.

  • Add Bookmarks When Combining PDFs. When you combine PDFs, you now have an option to bookmark where each document begins. The bookmarks will use the file names of the original documents (minus the extension).

  • Fields in Custom Lists. You can now add naming option fields to Custom List items.

  • Insert a Date. Custom lists have a new option: Date. Use this to quickly drop a date into a filename. When saving/renaming a file, click the "..." button, then the Custom Lists tab. You'll notice that one of the lists is called Dates. Select the date format (and optionally the date), and click Insert into Name.

  • File Timestamp Changer. You can change the Windows Date Created and Date Modified values for a file. This might be nice if you're scanning and you want the file's date to match the document date. Select the file, then click the Files button > Change File Date/Time.

  • File Duplicator. If you want to base a new file off of an existing file, you can now duplicate a file and rename the copy in one step. Select a file, then click the Filesbutton > Duplicate File, give it a name, tell Enterprise Organizer Pro how many copies you want, then click OK.

  • Enterprise Organizer Pro Can Follow Path Changes in the Save/Open Dialog. Let's say you're saving a file through Enterprise Organizer Pro's Save interface. You have to switch to a different cabinet/drawer. You can now have Enterprise Organizer Pro pick up that path change, so when you go back to the main Enterprise Organizer Pro interface, it has also switched to the new path. To turn this on, go to Settings > Save/Open Dialogs > Synchronize Path Changes > Both Directions.

  • Alternate Preview Engine. In Settings > Preview, there's another preview engine available: Windows Preview, which is the same previewer used in Windows Explorer.

  • More Stable Settings. We're now storing all settings and preferences in text files instead of a database, which should alleviate the problems some users had with corrupt settings.

  • Import/Export Settings. Go to the Tools button > Export Settings or Import Settings. You can now export all of your settings to file, either to back them up or to clone your setup on another computer.

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